How To Climb A Tree Using A Tree Stand

Tree stands are deemed better than the ordinary ones since they don’t require step-by-step installation. However, you need to follow certain rules on using a stand in climbing the tree:


  • You must have a climbing belt first. A climbing belt is a leather – equipment used to give additional support when you’re climbing the tree using a tree stand. It is also used to ensure protection from injuries. Attach a certain section of the belt to the uppermost part of the tree you can easily reach from ground level. As you extend the point wherein you position your stand, you can change the position of your belt.
  • Choosing the right tree is a very important step in performing tree climbing activities. With regards to checking its sturdiness and other precautionary measures, try evaluating the tree’s bark. When using a self-climbing tree stand, avoid choosing the smooth-barked tree since they are unsafe to climb especially during wet or icy conditions. For easier and 100% safe climbing, go for the rough-barked one.
  • Wrap the tree’s upper half part using the lock-in mechanism for security purposes. Position the tree stand in an upward angle. This way, the gravity from sitting on the stand will hold you to the tree. You can repeat this process as much as possible, but don’t forget to attach two Tether Ropes within the stand.
  • Strap your entire body into full harness along with the supplied tree stand. Wrap the loose ends around your trunk then knot it tightly to become sturdy. This way, you’ll be able to slide up and down as you climb the tree.
  • Keep your feet strapped into the bottom-half part of the stand. Tip the upper-half part in an upward position. Use one feet in tipping the bottom-half in a forward position then raise your other feet. Scale the tree slowly until you have already determined your desired height.


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