Catch A Flying Fish Through Bowfishing

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The bow and arrow has long been the weapon of choice of hunters, starting from the prehistoric age up until the middle ages and even now in the present age, the bow is still used although not as extensively as before. Because modern day weapons like rifles, and semi-automatics are much more accurate and have longer range the bow has been relegated to quite a few uses nowadays. However, there are still advantages to using a bow to catch and kill game. People often ask how the meager bow is be better than a sniper rifle or an automatic rifle. Well, for one the bow leaves minimal marks on an animals’ pelt thus making it the weapon of choice for people who don’t want damage to the animal’s skin. And if people thought that bows are only used for killing terrestrial animals then they might be in for a big surprise because these can also be used for the activity used as bowfishing.

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Bowfishing is a peculiar but also very effective way of hunting fish. Some people are even taking it a notch higher by using bows and arrows to shoot flying fish. In some places or locations where there is an infestation of the Asian carp, locals would usually ride up on the river on their boats and make as much vibrations on the water as possible. Because of the carp’s skittish nature any loud vibrations on the water would make them fly out thus making them the perfect sport for a bowfisherman’s arrows. And although bowfishing does not really leave a dent on the number of Asian carp the adrenaline rush it brings to the participants is really amazing. This activity however isn’t exactly for everyone, and care must be taken if one is to participate in it since it might cause harm and injury to other participants in the said activity.

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