Here’s Our Two Scents on Hunting Clothes

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hunting clothes, clear scent

If you have hunted whitetail deer for some time, then you will know that they have a great sense of smell. Their noses can pick up various different odors because their nose is 100 times more powerful than ours! Most hunters learn to deal with this issue by positioning themselves at an angle to where the wind is not carrying their scent over to the animal. You can also help to conceal your smell by using scent-killing products and wearing the right hunting clothes.

One of the primary places that you emit smells from are your hunting clothes. When you are constantly moving around, you tend to build up sweat. A great way for you to cover up some of that smell is to buy special scent-free laundry detergent for your hunting clothes. These detergents take the smell away from the last time you went hunting, and they do not have any other added scent like traditional laundry detergents. If you do not feel like buying a laundry detergent, then you can just hang your hunting clothes out to dry. After your clothes are dry, make sure to put them in a Ziploc bag so that no extra smells get on them from the time you washed them, to the time you will be hunting with them.

If you consider yourself a die hard hunter, then you may want to opt into getting some hunting clothing that locks in the human smell of your body. The smells that your bodies emit are trapped inside of the clothes by a carbon lining.  Once you have used these for a substantial amount of time, you just need to throw these items in the dryer and they will be reactivated. The above is an example of the new technologies that are being offered for hunting clothes. You always want to make sure that the hunting clothes that you get make you less noticeable to your next potential kill.

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