The Pistol Crossbow: The Perfect Gift

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Self Cocking Pistol CrossbowIt seems as though the same thing happens to me every year. I purchase the gifts for my family, my significant others family, co-workers and everybody in between. The one group of friends that I unfortunately seem to put on the back burner, are my buddies. It seems like every year I end up getting them a different t-shirt, a new tie, or some tools. This year is the year that I put an end to those shenanigans. This year, my close set of buddies will receive their own pistol crossbow that we will be able to use when we are all hanging out.

If I was making boat loads of money then I would get them all the state of the art bow on the market right now, with all of the bells and whistles. Unfortunately for them, I am always trying to make ends meet, so that is out of the question. I feel that a pistol crossbow makes a perfect gift to exchange between friends. If you find a place that will do engraving then I believe that could be a good touch. The next time they are in their backyard trying to get rid of a pesky varmint they will be thankful that their good friend got them this useful tool. If they already own a crossbow, then they could let their sons or daughters use this in the back yard.

I am not just getting them the pistol crossbow. I am also getting them a couple of packs each of aluminum arrows and carbon arrows. These arrows are typically smaller than traditional arrows, so they might get lost in the foliage. I will also get each of them a few archery targets so that we can all have some fun bets amongst ourselves when shooting. I am hopeful and positive that this will be a Christmas to remember for my group of friends.

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