Takedown the Competition

take down recurve bow

If you are in the market for a bow that will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches then I would recommend that you look in the direction of the takedown recurve bow. They are some of the most hassle-free bows that are on the market. They are also sold at a much more discounted price then their compound bow counterparts. They are not inferior by any means, but there are less mechanical parts, so there is less to charge for when buying a bow. Overall, I have found these to be a good all around option for the bow hunter and target archer.

The first thing that you should know is that a takedown recurve bow gets its name because it can be taken down! Who would’ve thought. The fact that the limbs can be removed once your bow hunting (or target practice) is through, makes transportation that much easier. You can cut the space that your bow would usually take up by roughly 1/3. This is crucial if you are looking to fit that extra person into your car or truck for the hunting trip.

The next major selling point would be for someone who is starting out in archery or bow hunting. The fact that you can take the limbs and separate them from the riser allows you to grow with the takedown recurve bow. What happens much of the time is that people will buy a starter bow and then have to buy a completely new bow when they outgrow their old one. This bow allows you to simply change out the limbs to a poundage that better suits you, instead of having to replace the entire bow. All you have to do is unscrew  the part that holds the old limbs and the riser together and replace them with the new riser and you are good to go. If you are looking for a hassle-free investment then I would recommend a take down.

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