Draw Length on your Compound Bow is Essential

compound bow draw length

Customers always ask what their draw length should be when they are looking for their new compound bow. The answer to this is difficult because there is no cookie-cutter answer to this question. I would say that the best method that I have learned to get you close to the range that you need to be in is the arm span/2.5 rule. With that being said there are a few reasons as to why one should not get an archery bow that is not optimal for them. Having a draw length that is too long or too short could have negative effects on your ability to shoot accurately.

compound bow draw length

Having a proper draw length on your compound bow is important for many reasons. If your  draw length is too long then you are not going to have good shooting form, and your accuracy will suffer. This holds true because your anchor points will not feel natural to your body. When you have the perfect draw length fa very negative impact on your shot.

or your particular set of abilities, your anchor point will feel natural and your shot will become more fluid. The reference point that you use is one of the most important factors to nail when you are training because it gives you a consistent shot, every time. Having a short draw length can also affect your ability to shoot your compound bow with any accuracy. Many of these issues arise because [again] there is no anchor point or reference point that the shooter can use. There is no physical contact that this shooter can make with the archery bow so they must compensate. The moment that this compensation occurs, hand-torque also appears causing the shots to veer off in every which direction.

compound bow winter

These were just a few examples of specific scenarios that could happen, but there are many more that were not mentioned. If you are getting welts, or there is any point where the bow string is hitting your arm, then you need to address the draw length issue. If you are not comfortable when you are shooting, or you feel that you have to strain yourself to get the shot off, then you need to assess your draw length. The motion should feel natural, time after time.

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