Make Your Memories Viral With GoPro Adventure Cameras

GoPro is all about production value. Their goal since inception has always been centered around the experience. ┬áCapture, Creation, Broadcast, and Recognition. This is the company’s motto, and we at are behind it. The introduction of the GoPro Hero in 2009 set off a frenzy in a bleak action sports camera market. They improved upon their original cameras by listening to what their customers want. The transition from the GoPro Hero, to the 2, 3, and now the GoPro Hero 3+ has been incremental, but substantial.

These GoPro adventure cameras have staked their flag at the top of a now competitive market, but what has differentiated the GoPro Hero cameras from the rest? The following list are a few of the things that I enjoyed:

      • Updated and improved optic lens
      • Much more accessible than the GoPro Hero 3 with gloves
      • [Almost] inaudible wind noise
      • “SuperView” setting is very engaging
      • 4K @ 15FPS (among other good settings)
      • Long Range Wifi
      • Great in low light mode
      • Improved battery life compared to the GoPro Hero 3

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the bevy of features that are offered on the new GoPro Hero 3+. These are simply the few that I chose stood out. I have had or tested many of the previous models and I can tell you that there is a reason why this camera is leading the pack. The people over at GoPro do not only have a focus on their customers; they have a focus on their customers audience as well. This is what has made the company. Don’t wait, grab the new GoPro Hero 3+ and make your memories viral!

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