Benefits and Properties of Bow Stabilizers

Bow Stabilizer's help reduce noise and vibration. They also help to stabilize the bow, giving you better accuracy.
First off, let me state that the archery bow stabilizers that a target archer would use are different than the type that would be the most beneficial to someone who was bow hunting. The main difference between the two is going to be the length of the stabilizer. The version that target archers use is usually 3-4 times longer than the version that hunters use and they are typically made from rubber or carbon. While they may look different, their essential functions are the same. These devices act as a noise and vibration suppression system as well as a mechanism to help stabilize the bow–hence the name.

Most of the models that you will find on the market will have some form of plastic on them because it is a material that provides excellent noise suppression and vibration dampening capabilities. The manufacturers of these items are trying to transition towards using lighter, more aerodynamic materials like carbon to make their bow stabilizers, but nothing yet has been able to match the specific capabilities of rubber.

It should be noted, that modern hunting bows are built with specifications so that you do not need any bow stabilizer that is too long. If you are looking to purchase one of these items for bow hunting, then I would recommend that you choose one in the 4-10 inch range. It is a personal observation of mine, that purchasing a version that is about 5 inches should give you the benefits that you would need out in the field. These benefits would include reduced hand shock and vibration, less torque, and less noise.

As with any other purchase in this industry, you have to make sure that you get archery bow stabilizers that are suited to your needs. Some shooters will prefer a heavier front end, or a longer stabilizer. Head to your local archery shop and test out as many models as you can to ensure that you end up with the product that you were looking for.

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