Pro Shop Recommendations: Archery Bow Quivers

If you have stopped by the Woods Archery Range, then you know that we carry a large selection of bowhunting and archery products. Customers always ask us why we recommend the items that we do. As with any pro shop, there are certain manufacturers that we have come to rely on. These are the manufacturers that one of our service techs, Don, uses regularly, and likes to recommend to the shooters on our range. There are arrow rests, stabilizers, etc., but for this post I will start this series off with quivers for bowhunters.

There are many quivers that are out there, but one of the highest rated quivers that we suggest is made by Tight Spot. They are made for bow hunters that are looking for something that won’t move around. They are the definition of tight spot quivers. That is why they have a huge following among tree stand hunters. These quivers provide better bow balance, while still holding your arrow tight for those make-or-break situations. I have personally noticed that shooting with this quiver reduces torque that otherwise might be there. I attribute this to the design and how it kills vibration 5 different ways.

Below are a few of the reasons that we suggest tight spot quivers for bow hunters.

Tight Spot Quivers

  • Your #1 arrow is always in a ready position
  • The quiver can be removed with one hand
  • The hood of the quiver is tough as nails
  • Adjustment system allows you to fine tune your quiver
  • Rests tight to your bow meaning little-to-no torque
  • Individually adjustable arrow grippers

Joe Jacks has made a great product with Tight Spot Quivers, and that is why we can recommend it to most bow hunters that come in to our shop. If you have a specific question regarding archery bow quivers, please leave a message in the comments section or feel free to stop on in.

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