Our 4 Favorite Pieces of Hunting Gear

Hunting is an art as well as a sport. As all hunters know, some tips and tricks of the trade can make or break a hunting expedition. We have gathered a few pieces of our favorite hunting gear below.

Compound Bow
When it comes to weight, power, and functionality, nothing can beat a compound bow. Compound bows are extremely versatile and there’s a style that’s right for everyone. Compound bows are both accurate and easy to use. Our favorite compound bow right now is the PSE Prophecy Compound Bow.Compound Bow

An LED flashlight that can switch between a bright white light to a dimmer red is invaluable. The red light is less likely to spook wildlife and won’t ruin night vision like a brighter flashlight can while still being bright enough to light your path through woods in the dark.

Baby Wipes
Fill a box of unscented baby wipes with a scent elimination spray. The wipes absorb the spray and can be used to wipe down bows, guns, tree stands, or other equipment. They’re also cheaper than the wipes you can buy in a hunting store so you get more bang for your buck (pun not intended).

Glow Sticks
Nothing beats glow sticks when marking blood trails at night. Glow sticks will illuminate a path and they’ll burn for hours. Most glow sticks have a loop on one end that can be pre-cut to hang on branches. Also, if you plan ahead and buy them right after Halloween you can get them for incredibly low prices. Just remember to gather them up when you’re finished because they’re not biodegradable.


Let us know what your favorite hunting gear is in the comments below!

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