New Compound Bows of 2016: Diamond Carbon Cure 3 comments

The Diamond Carbon Cure is the company’s top end compound bow of 2016.

Diamond has earned a reputation for their adaptable bows. Their Edge series has really set the bar in the industry when it comes to designing a bow that suits the needs of the archer. These bows simply changed the game. Although their highly adaptable bows are nice, they are not the only thing Diamond does well.

Diamond also makes “big boy” bows that are designed for grown men and women who may not be looking for a bow with a wide array of change. While lots of young shooters want a bow that grows with them, lots of adults want a bow with an “X” pound draw weight and “X” draw length. Diamond makes those bows as well, and is touting the Diamond Carbon Cure as “the Cure to the common bow.”

Diamond Carbon Cure

Diamond Carbon Cure

The biggest selling point on the Diamond Carbon Cure is the bow weight. Weighing in at a paltry 3.3 pounds, this bow is light as a feather. You’ll have no problem packing the Cure around all day wherever you happen to hunt. One way Diamond lightened up this bow was to make it short from axle to axle. The Carbon Cure stretches the tape at only 30 inches, making it what many folks call a “treestand bow.” Lightweight and compact, this bow is a great fit for someone looking for those two qualities.

In addition to the light mass weight of the bow, it is also being touted by the company for other features as well. The Cure is capable of launching arrows down range at a speed of 325 feet per second, which is more than capable for hunting use.

With all the advances in bow technology over the past few years, we sometimes forget to keep things in perspective. Ten years ago 325 feet per second was really fast. Although today some bows have passed that mark by, 325 feet per second is still really fast in the scope of things.

Like most bows the Diamond Carbon Cure has a generous let off of 80% which should make holding the 60 pound draw weight a breeze.

All things in life have trade offs and bows are not exception. For many people the light weight of this bow will be very appealing. Others however believe light bows will inherently be louder and less accurate. This falls under the category of personal choice and shooters should but a bow they believe in. Believing in your equipment should be the number one thing on your mind when buying a bow.

One thing is for certain, the Diamond Carbon Cure is a bow that can get the job done on the range, and on the open range.


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3 thoughts on “New Compound Bows of 2016: Diamond Carbon Cure

  • John s

    Bow is a shooter,very nice igot it in march and been shooting every day since.Great back wall don’t want to jump out of your hands and is nice and smooth draw and has good speed to it,I’m at 302 fps at 70 Pounds at 29 inch draw with an arrow that totals at 410 grains. I have heard that this bow is actually a bow that can shoot over its spec fps and I believe it.most bows shoot under fps and obviously I’m talking the way they test them at 70 pounds 30 inch draw with nothing on the string like peep sights d loops etc.I think this is going to be a good selling bow for Diamond.