What Not to Do: Watch a Flaming Crossbow Trickshot Gone Wrong

Watch as this crossbow trickshot goes wrong live on national television.

A flaming arrow crossbow trickshot and national television. What could possibly go wrong?

A flaming arrow crossbow trickshot and national television. What could possibly go wrong?

Back in the good old days before any daredevil type entertainer performed their act there was always the stock phrase; “Kids, don’t try this at home.” Shortly afterwards the performer would perfectly execute the maneuver they had been practicing and stand to soak up the enthusiastic applause of the crowd. The acts typically seemed easier than they actually were. Occasionally though the acts did go wrong, such as a recent crossbow trickshot stunt on America’s Got Talent.

The stunt featured a sword swallowing performer who decided to push the envelope and swallow a flaming crossbow arrow that was actually shot out of a crossbow. That was the idea at least.

Watch as this crossbow trickshot goes wrong.

I don’t watch TV much these days, but I hope the performance included the cliche phrase about not trying this stunt.

The crossbow used in the stunt appears to be the Barnett Buck Commander recurve crossbow. The Buck Commander is very much an introductory crossbow and fortunately doesn’t pack the punch of Barentt’s top of the line crossbows. This crossbow shoots around 245 feet per second, making most folks to consider it a slow shooting crossbow.¬†I suppose if I was about to get a flaming crossbow arrow shot down my throat I’d like it to be slower moving as well.

The video also makes me wonder what kind of point was used in the stunt. My best guess is a specialty blunt point was used to execute the shot. Any pointed tip, such as a field point and obviously broadhead, would have easily penetrated the man’s neck upon impact and caused serious damage. Luckily for him the arrow simply bounced off.

Another point of interest is luckily the arrow stuck the man in the collarbone. An errant arrow like that striking the throat or eyes could have caused a much more serious injury. Fortunately for the stuntman he appears to be fine.

It goes without saying that stunts like this are best left to professional stuntmen and women who have spent countless hours practicing their craft. You’ve got to think the female shooter had shooting experience¬†and was a competent shot at the extremely short range she was shooting. The Barnett Buck Commander certainly has enough positive reviews to support its accuracy. Probably a case of the jitters caused the poor shot and nothing more. In the end hopefully the failed flaming arrow crossbow trickshot will demonstrate why not to try them at home.

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