Hog Hunting with a Crossbow Takes an Unexpected Twist

Hog hunting with a crossbow isn’t a sure thing by any means. Watch this video of a young hog hunter doubling up against the odds on this Texas hunt.

Hunting with archery equipment is a step toward the more difficult. I personally know many bowhunters who hunt with a bow exclusively for the added challenge it presents. Not only do you have to get closer, but seasoned bowhunters know how  perfectly things must come together for an archery hunt to pay off. That being said, once in a while the stars align and we hit pay-dirt. Boy does it feel good too.

Occasionally even archery seems too easy. Things seem to work just right and success falls right into your lap. So it goes with one young man hog hunting with a crossbow on a Texas ranch. Not only was this young fella able to get an arrow in one hog, but his arrow put in a little overtime for him.

Watch this unique Texas-double hog hunt.

Well I guess that’s what you would call an efficient hunter. Two hogs with one arrow, you can’t get much better than that.

Hog hunting with a crossbow.

Hunting hogs with a crossbow can be a little easier with a TenPoint Titan SS.

The video highlights the penetrating power of today’s ultra potent compound crossbows. In the video the young hunter is using a TenPoint Titan crossbow with a 175 pound draw weight. The TenPoint Titan SS zips arrows downrange at a hog-piercing 360 feet per second. When you realize how thick skinned hogs are, and how oftentimes archers don’t get a complete pass through, the shot becomes that much more impressive.

It is probably worth noting that shots like this double are extremely rare. In archery safety class instructors often emphasize the improbability of a shot like this actually working and advise against it. Archers should always take special notice of the backdrop of their target and shy away from shots like this low percentage shot. Unless things are perfectly aligned this could have turned out less than desirable. Once in a while things pan out though and you end up with incredible shots like the one in the video.

If you’ve ever thought about hog hunting with a crossbow I wouldn’t count on it being this easy. If you pack along a heavy duty crossbow like the Titan SS you shouldn’t have any problem getting the penetration you need though. With good shot placement you should easily be able to secure some bacon for the family freezer.

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