PSE Fang crossbow
Share!If you are looking for a hard working crossbow that can get the job done the PSE Fang crossbow might be worth a look. PSE has always endeavored to provide quality archery gear to the public since the 1970’s. Their founder Pete Shipley has grown the company from its humble beginnings […]

PSE Fang Crossbow: Plenty of Bang for Your Buck

Barnett crossbow recall
Share!There as recently been a Barnett crossbow recall on a few popular models. On December 8, 2016 PRNewswire released that news of a Barnett crossbow recall. A quick jump to the Barnet website confirmed the recall notice on six different Barnett models of crossbows. The recall is in effect after […]

Barnett Crossbow Recall 2016

Like shootin stuff. You've found the right place.
Share!Shootin stuff is just about as American as apple pie, or as some folks would say, Merican. Do you like shootin’ stuff with bows, arrows, guns, slingshots, spitwads, atlatls, or pretend with your finger? If you do you’ve found the right place. Shootin’ stuff seems to be hardwired into some […]

Shootin Stuff Vol. 2: Car Doors and Body Armor. Can ...

The zombies are here. Are you ready?
Share!Don’t look now, but the zombies are here. Is your PSE easy-cock zombie crossbow ready for action? Zombies are everywhere. I’m not sure what is keeping everyone so calm. Their zombiness is spreading at unprecedented rates and they are taking over the world. We can see them at work, in […]

PSE Easy-Cock Crossbows: A Crossbow for Zombie Defense???

If your goal is to simplify your hunting gear you may start in these 3 areas.
Share!If you are impressed by the achievements of past archers, you may consider simplifying your hunting gear like they did. Archery sure has come a long ways over the past few decades. One thing I enjoy in my spare time is looking back into the exploits of archers in our […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Simplify Your Hunting Gear

Carbon Express crossbows
Share!Don’t be surprised if these Carbon Express crossbows start showing up more and more. Carbon Express gets archery. They gained their reputation by selling world class carbon arrows for hunters and target shooters. Not only have they produced arrows that won Olympic gold, but when you browse hunter’s quivers you’ll likely […]

Carbon Express Crossbows : Do They Have What You Need?

Horton Crossbow Innovations
Share!An old name is reborn with the creation of Horton Crossbow Innovations. Over time certain companies become synonymous with a product. Nike would be an example in the athletic shoe business. Winchester is the same way with rifles. People who don’t know the ins and outs of a business still […]

Horton Crossbow Innovations: The New Beginning

TenPoint Venom XTRA
Share!If their gear wasn’t compelling enough, the history of TenPoint Crossbows is a great story about working hard and battling through tough times. When you start talking around the coffee pot about quality crossbows the conversation invariably circles around to TenPoint Crossbows. TenPoint has earned a reputation by some of the […]

Company Spotlight: TenPoint Crossbows

Hunting with a crossbow is supposed to be difficult, but this young man shows us how easy it can be.
Share!Hog hunting with a crossbow isn’t a sure thing by any means. Watch this video of a young hog hunter doubling up against the odds on this Texas hunt. Hunting with archery equipment is a step toward the more difficult. I personally know many bowhunters who hunt with a bow […]

Hog Hunting with a Crossbow Takes an Unexpected Twist

SAS Jaguar II
Share!If you searching the market for affordable crossbows, here are 3 that should top your list. I’ll admit, buying new archery gear can be a bit daunting at times. As a self-tagged cheapo I have a hard time plunking down hard earned cash for about anything. I’m always trying to figure […]

3 Most Affordable Crossbows for Under $200

TenPoint Lady Shadow
Share!Just because it’s a “ladies” bow, don’t think the TenPoint Lady Shadow crossbow can’t bring the pain. Over the past few decades there has been more changing about archery than just the cam designs. One major shift has been the growing interest of women in archery. Hunting is no longer […]

Gear Review: TenPoint Lady Shadow Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Invader G3
Share!If you are looking for a lot of crossbow, but can’t afford to skip a mortgage payment to buy one, take a look at the Wicked Ridge Invader G3. A lot has been written about the quality of TenPoint crossbows. They are generally accepted as one of a few companies […]

New Crossbow of 2016: Wicked Ridge Invader G3