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Condor Outdoors
Share!The unique lineup of gear from Condor Outdoors may be just what you are looking for. Gear says a lot about your personality. We notice this fact each time we head to a shoot, meet a new archer, or meet someone in the field. Some folks are ultra-modern and their […]

Company Spotlight: Condor Outdoors

Bear Bruzer
Share!The Bear Bruzer is a solid hunting crossbow at a price that won’t set you back an arm and a leg. It seems these days that archery, and hunting in general, is so gear driven. Hunters seem encouraged to cover their bow with gadgets, have gizmos hanging out of every […]

Bear Bruzer Crossbow; Simple, Effective, and Built to Hunt.

Share!If you are a ground blind hunter, the Ghostblind will certainly catch your attention. As primarily a ground hunter, I feel there is no more intense way to hunt. Ground hunting requires you to get eye-to-eye with your quarry, down on their turf, and playing to their strengths. Really, the […]

The Ghostblind; Will it Really Make You Disappear?

Like shootin stuff. You've found the right place.
Share!Shootin stuff is just about as American as apple pie, or as some folks would say, Merican. Do you like shootin’ stuff with bows, arrows, guns, slingshots, spitwads, atlatls, or pretend with your finger? If you do you’ve found the right place. Shootin’ stuff seems to be hardwired into some […]

Shootin Stuff Vol. 2: Car Doors and Body Armor. Can ...

If your goal is to simplify your hunting gear you may start in these 3 areas.
Share!If you are impressed by the achievements of past archers, you may consider simplifying your hunting gear like they did. Archery sure has come a long ways over the past few decades. One thing I enjoy in my spare time is looking back into the exploits of archers in our […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Ways to Simplify Your Hunting Gear

Using camo netting
Share!Whether you are a hunter, camper, or prepper, using camo netting should be in your bag of tricks. Versatility in your outdoor gear is often seen as desirable. When on long outings, short overnights, or even just a day jaunt through the woods, having gear that can perform multiple jobs […]

3 Ways You Can Start Using Camo Netting in the ...

Obsession Bows
Share!If you haven’t yet heard of Obsession Bows, the meteoric rise of this company may take you off guard. Quick, name off the top three bow manufacturers you can think of. Got them? I would wager brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bear, PSE, and BowTech may have popped up. These […]

Company Spotlight: Obsession Bows

Hunting with a crossbow is supposed to be difficult, but this young man shows us how easy it can be.
Share!Hog hunting with a crossbow isn’t a sure thing by any means. Watch this video of a young hog hunter doubling up against the odds on this Texas hunt. Hunting with archery equipment is a step toward the more difficult. I personally know many bowhunters who hunt with a bow […]

Hog Hunting with a Crossbow Takes an Unexpected Twist

Single pin vs. multi pin sights
Share!If you are looking to purchase a new sight for your bow, and are comparing single pin vs. multi pin sights, this brief guide might help you in your decision. When I buy equipment for my traditional bow the process is pretty straight forward. Shooters of trad bows have a […]

Single Pin vs. Multi Pin Sights: 3 Questions to Ask ...

Bowhunting safety.
Share!Whether you are new to the sport, or just need a gentle reminder, here are a few bowhunting safety tips to remember. Don’t run with scissors. Look both ways when you cross the street. Put that down. Look at me when I’m talking to you. Eat this. For gosh sakes […]

Bowhunting Safety Tips; 3 Things to Keep in Mind this ...

How to score a deer.
Share!Whatever reason you hunt, learning how to score a deer adds to your overall knowledge of our treasured pastime. I’ve never been much of a horn hunter, at least that’s what we call them where I’m from. When I’m out hunting I’m there to lay up some meat in the […]

Learn How to Score a Deer in Less Than 10 ...

Obsession Defcon 6
Share!If you are the type where only the best will do, the Obsession Defcon 6 is right up your alley. Some archers out there are looking for one thing; the best. The best bow, release, sight, you name it. If it becomes part of their archery gear, it is the […]

So You Want a High Performance Bow? Check Out the ...