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Condor Outdoors
Share!The unique lineup of gear from Condor Outdoors may be just what you are looking for. Gear says a lot about your personality. We notice this fact each time we head to a shoot, meet a new archer, or meet someone in the field. Some folks are ultra-modern and their […]

Company Spotlight: Condor Outdoors

Share!Just in case you missed these headlines, here are a few of the top hits for February archery news. The Super Bowl of Archery On February 10-12, 2017, 3,480 archers showed up in Las Vegas for the 51st annual Vegas Shoot. From this record breaking crowd, Army Sgt. 1st Class […]

3 February Archery News Stories to Keep You in the ...

The Great Wall
Share!If you are looking for an archery focused movie, The Great Wall looks to be a sure thing. Admittedly, I’m no movie buff. My family and I aren’t regular goers by any means, and we haven’t been to a movie theater since 2012. Occasionally though, I get caught up on the […]

Are You Going to See Hollywood’s Newest Archery Blockbuster?

Obsession Turmoil
Share!One of the fastest rising bow companies lives up to its reputation with the Obsession Turmoil compound bow. Have you ever had a million dollar idea? The idea that pops into your head and you feel like people would simply love it. I feel like I’ve had plenty of them […]

New Compound Bow of 2017: Obsession Turmoil – They Did ...

Fred Bear
Share!Perhaps the most famous archer of the 20th century, Fred Bear did more for the sport of archery than most folks could dream of. Fred Bear. The name is synonymous with archery. If you know somebody who isn’t an archer, odds are the only archer they may have heard of […]

Legend of Archery Fred Bear: The Man Who Needs No ...

Howard Hill
Share!When it comes any era of archery history, Howard Hill must be considered one of the best. One of the most alluring aspects of archery is the history of the sport. Although archeologists speculate at how old the technology is, the youngest date of the bow and arrow is around […]

Legend of Archery Howard Hill; The Modern Robin Hood

Recurve bow
Share!What’s hot on These top selling bows have risen above the rest as the people’s choice. Kicking around with other archers is one of my favorite things to do. Talking bows, talking hunting, and talking shooting is something I simply enjoy. You can learn a lot from the experiences […]

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Barnett crossbow recall
Share!There as recently been a Barnett crossbow recall on a few popular models. On December 8, 2016 PRNewswire released that news of a Barnett crossbow recall. A quick jump to the Barnet website confirmed the recall notice on six different Barnett models of crossbows. The recall is in effect after […]

Barnett Crossbow Recall 2016

Diamond Edge Bows
Share!If you’ve ever wondered about the roots of a company that produces some of the most versatile bows in history, you’ll appreciate the unlikely story of Diamond Archery. Over the past few years as I’ve done more and more writing I’ve gotten the chance to learn awful lot about the […]

Company Spotlight: Diamond Archery

Byron Ferguson
Share!If you have never heard of Byron Ferguson, prepare to be blown away by his incredible accuracy. Part of the culture of archery are folktales of mythical shooters from the past. Shooters like Robin Hood and William Tell top this list, and their exploits are well known by archers and […]

Byron Ferguson in Slow Motion; Watch the Best Archer in ...

History of Muzzy
Share!Like many tales of success, the history of Muzzy Broadheads shows what a good idea, mixed with grit and determination, can achieve. These days, Muzzy Broadheads is one of the most popular broadhead manufacturers out there. Their penchant for producing high quality, sharp, and accurate broadheads has earned them a […]

Company Spotlight: History of Muzzy Broadheads