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Share!Just in case you missed these headlines, here are a few of the top hits for February archery news. The Super Bowl of Archery On February 10-12, 2017, 3,480 archers showed up in Las Vegas for the 51st annual Vegas Shoot. From this record breaking crowd, Army Sgt. 1st Class […]

3 February Archery News Stories to Keep You in the ...

Missed shots
Share!If you are constantly missing the mark with your bow, here are a few things to scan your gear for to help solve your shooting mistakes. Having a bad day at the shooting range can be frustrating. Constantly missing in one direction just magnifies the problem. Shot, after shot, after […]

Missing the Mark? Use these Simple Gear Tips to Solve ...

Howard Hill
Share!When it comes any era of archery history, Howard Hill must be considered one of the best. One of the most alluring aspects of archery is the history of the sport. Although archeologists speculate at how old the technology is, the youngest date of the bow and arrow is around […]

Legend of Archery Howard Hill; The Modern Robin Hood

Excalibur Matrix 330
Share!If you like a recurve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix 330 package might be enticing. Over the years Excalibur has risen above the competition to become known as one of the top crossbow manufacturers out there. Perhaps it’s because of the great performance they get from their bows. Maybe it’s because […]

The Excalibur Matrix 330 Package Hits the Ground Running

Cooking venison southern style
Share!If you’re lucky enough to have some meat in the freezer this fall, you might try cooking venison southern style after giving this video a watch. We all hunt for different reasons. Some hunt for fun, others hunt for trophy animals, and still others hunt to carry on family traditions. […]

Cooking Venison Southern Style: Backstrap 2 Ways

The zombies are here. Are you ready?
Share!Don’t look now, but the zombies are here. Is your PSE easy-cock zombie crossbow ready for action? Zombies are everywhere. I’m not sure what is keeping everyone so calm. Their zombiness is spreading at unprecedented rates and they are taking over the world. We can see them at work, in […]

PSE Easy-Cock Crossbows: A Crossbow for Zombie Defense???

Obsession Bows
Share!If you haven’t yet heard of Obsession Bows, the meteoric rise of this company may take you off guard. Quick, name off the top three bow manufacturers you can think of. Got them? I would wager brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bear, PSE, and BowTech may have popped up. These […]

Company Spotlight: Obsession Bows

Diamond Edge Bows
Share!If you’ve ever wondered about the roots of a company that produces some of the most versatile bows in history, you’ll appreciate the unlikely story of Diamond Archery. Over the past few years as I’ve done more and more writing I’ve gotten the chance to learn awful lot about the […]

Company Spotlight: Diamond Archery

Single pin vs. multi pin sights
Share!If you are looking to purchase a new sight for your bow, and are comparing single pin vs. multi pin sights, this brief guide might help you in your decision. When I buy equipment for my traditional bow the process is pretty straight forward. Shooters of trad bows have a […]

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Byron Ferguson
Share!If you have never heard of Byron Ferguson, prepare to be blown away by his incredible accuracy. Part of the culture of archery are folktales of mythical shooters from the past. Shooters like Robin Hood and William Tell top this list, and their exploits are well known by archers and […]

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