TenPoint Renegade
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferLooking for TenPoint quality without the common TenPoint price? The TenPoint Renegade may be just what you are looking for. You tend to get what you pay for in this world. This old saying has rung true in my life more than a few times. I remember a few years […]

The TenPoint Renegade; A Fair Deal

Levi Morgan
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferIf you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss about brace height is, this clip from Levi Morgan might set you set straight. Like any sport, over time archery has developed its own vocabulary. If you are new to the sport, terms like axle to axle, cam modules, arrow spine, and IBO […]

Brace Height Made Easy with Levi Morgan

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferWith hunting season fast approaching, it’s time to check over your essential hunting gear. As a school teacher, I can tell you there are two times of the school year different from the rest. The beginning of the year, and the end of the year. The beginning of the year […]

Now’s the Time to Make Sure these 4 Pieces of ...

Horton Storm RDX
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThe Horton Storm RDX is a flagship bow that demands a close look. Since it’s merger with TenPoint crossbows in 2013, Horton Crossbow Innovations has taken big steps to redeem the respected Horton name. Since 2013 Horton has taken steps to once again produce high quality crossbows for serious hunters and […]

Horton Storm RDX: Fast, Smooth, and Whisper Quiet

Excalibur logo
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferFinding quality youth crossbows can be a challenge. If you are in the market, it may be worth browsing the lineup from Excalibur. Introducing kids to our great sport of archery might be our biggest responsibility. As my wife’s grandfather put it to me recently, “It’s not that important if […]

These 2 Youth Crossbows from Excalibur Might be What Your ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThese 3 trail cams offer different advantages for pre-season scouting your deer. Scouting deer using trail cameras is not a new innovation by any means. Just Google the phrase and you’ll get over 2 million hits. Since the early 1980’s trail cams have began their infusion into the hunting world. […]

Pre-Season Scouting; 3 Trail Cams. 3 Prices. 1 Goal.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThe Samick Sage takedown recurve is a great bow for the price, and can help you break into the world of traditional archery. I’ve often wrote about the trepidation felt when buying your very first bow. Maybe its because I remember actually buying my first bow. Not only was I […]

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve: Your Ticket into Trad Archery

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThe unique lineup of gear from Condor Outdoors may be just what you are looking for. Gear says a lot about your personality. We notice this fact each time we head to a shoot, meet a new archer, or meet someone in the field. Some folks are ultra-modern and their […]

Company Spotlight: Condor Outdoors

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferHit your local lake or river this summer to go bowfishing for carp, and you may benefit from these 3 perks. Who doesn’t love a good day spent bowfishing at the local waterhole? Summer rays, cool water, archery, and some relaxation sounds like a great afternoon to me. For many […]

3 Benefits of Bowfishing for Carp

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferIf you are a prepper, and have thought about adding a crossbow to your kit, you may find this video informative. Prepping has become a sort of American phenomenon over the past few decades. Some people are alarmed the world is becoming more and more complex, technology is creeping deeper […]

Are Crossbows Good for Preppers? Video Breakdown of Top Pros ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThese Turkish speed shooters have some impressive and historic skills. By now you’ve probably seen the Lars Andersen speed archery video. It hit the web in 2015 and now has over 42 million views. In the video he demonstrates an old style of shooting that allows the archer to shoot […]

If You Liked the Lars Andersen Video, You’ll Enjoy these ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferIf you are looking for a fun way to spice up your offseason archery practice routine, you might give this shooting drill a try. For those of us who have turned a part-time archery habit into a full-time addiction, shooting in the offseason is part of the annual ritual. As […]

Offseason Archery Practice: 20 Shots and Make them Count