Horton Vortex RDX
Share!If you are looking for comfort and accuracy, the Horton Vortex RDX is worth a look. As the new crossbows of 2017 start to hit the shelf, it will be fun to watch what direction companies take this year. We’re likely to see some very fast crossbows hit the market. […]

New Crossbows of 2017: Horton Vortex RDX

Wicked Ridge Invader G3
Share!If you are looking for a lot of crossbow, but can’t afford to skip a mortgage payment to buy one, take a look at the Wicked Ridge Invader G3. A lot has been written about the quality of TenPoint crossbows. They are generally accepted as one of a few companies […]

New Crossbow of 2016: Wicked Ridge Invader G3

TenPoint Stealth FX4
Share!The impressive TenPoint Stealth FX4 is a top notch crossbow produced by one of the best in the industry. TenPoint has earned a reputation in the crossbow world for making outstanding bows. Some feel their bows are comparable to the BMW and Mercedes Benz of the auto world. A reputation […]

Gear Review: TenPoint Stealth FX4

Share!The TenPoint Venom Extra crossbow is one of the top new crossbows of 2016. TenPoint is one of the most respected names in the crossbow world. This year they released their top of the line bow the Tenpoint Venom Extra at the ATA Shot show. If you are the type […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Tenpoint Venom Extra

Tenpoint Stealth FX4 Compound Crossbow 1 comment
Share! Whenever someone mentions a top-of-the-line compound crossbow, TenPoint is one of those companies that has to come to mind. Year in and year out they produce some of the most technologically sophisticated crossbows. Advocates of the brand are quick to point out that the assembly plant in Ohio has […]

TP Stealth FX Crossbow Review