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Share! Customers always ask what their draw length should be when they are looking for their new compound bow. The answer to this is difficult because there is no cookie-cutter answer to this question. I would say that the best method that I have learned to get you close to […]

Draw Length on your Compound Bow is Essential

Evolution of Archery Hunting
Share!This is a great read regarding the unfair regulations against hunting crossbows during archery bow hunting season! “While our state braces for a true conservation battle over open-pit mining and threats to Northwestern Wisconsin’s groundwater and other natural resources, bow hunters are renewing their “is not, is too” preschooler debate […]

Crossbow vs. Bow hunting

PSE 2012 Bow Madness Bow 3G Field Ready Bow Package
Share!At PSE, we are never satisfied with simply making the best bows on the market – we want to make them better. That’s why we took one of the best selling bows and re-engineered it from the ground up. We started by designing an all new low-flex riser for consistent […]

PSE 2012 Bow Madness 3G Archery Bow Package

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Tech Tip Compound vs. Recurve Crossbow?

PSE Snake 60" Recurve Bow
Share!You are identified by the things you choose and the activities you participate in. If you are the sporty and outdoor type, you must have explored the adventures of hunting or simply shooting for fun. For some people, the use of bows has always been an enticing choice and there […]

Spot the Difference: Recurve Bow VS Compound Bow

Black Mamba Radial X Weave Arrows and Shafts
Share!Hunters probably know by now the necessary things to bring during a hunting event. Since the number things to bring in a hunting event is quite plenty and a person is limited to the things one is able to bring, here are the top 10 necessary archery supplies to bring […]

Top 10 Things That You Must Bring When Hunting

PSE Slider II Sight
Share!The bow hunting season is one of the most exhilarating events for hunters. Because of the sights, smells, sounds and the challenges given to man by nature, the exciting feeling of the hunting season is always there. When bow hunting season is near, hunters must prepare their archery supplies early […]

Preparing an Archery Event/Party

PSE Pete Shepley 5-Pin Compact Sight
Share!Archery is a hard sport. It requires a lot of patience, focus, strength, accuracy and more. Bow hunting is much harder than just what one does in archery training, shooting distant targets and etc. as it requires a lot of training and focus for one to be able to master […]

10 Things That Never Do When Hunting

Share!Archery hunting is a difficult activity since it requires patience, accuracy and being as quiet as a muted TV. Most hunters, beginners or pros, know the necessary archery supplies to be brought and used during a hunt. But some forget to bring spare archery supplies for emergency purposes.   During […]

Always Have This in Spare When Hunting

PSE 2012 Bow Madness Bow XL Field Ready Bow Package 2 comments
Share!For anyone who wants to work on their archery skills or simply to learn how to shoot a bow and learn how to hunt using it, there is a need for them to be able to choose the right bow for the job. Why is this important for them? The […]

What Are the Benefits of Using A Compound Bow Over ...

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Share!Archery, as a sport, has been practiced since a couple of hundred years ago, during the medieval and feudal ages in Europe as well as during the time of the Samurai in Japan. Archers have long been revered and also idolized, as in the case of the legendary Robin Hood […]

Archery Equipment Qualified for Olympic Standards

Share!Archery can be a practice, an art and a skill in using both the bow and arrow. Coming from the Latin word ‘Arcus’, this has been in the lives of people way back in history for combat and hunting purposes but in much modern times; archery is now a recreational […]

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