Archery History

Wood fletching
Share!If you didn’t know that wood fletchings could be used on an arrow, join the club. One of the best parts of learning history is the hidden gems you occasionally find. Sure, understanding the big events and trends in history is important, but sometimes the tiniest detail can be important […]

Wood Fletchings? You May Never Have Heard of this Medieval ...

Byron Ferguson
Share!If you have never heard of Byron Ferguson, prepare to be blown away by his incredible accuracy. Part of the culture of archery are folktales of mythical shooters from the past. Shooters like Robin Hood and William Tell top this list, and their exploits are well known by archers and […]

Byron Ferguson in Slow Motion; Watch the Best Archer in ...

Share! The longbow is a bow that was traditionally made out of yew, which is a tree that is commonly found in England.  The English Longbow was typically considered a self-bow meaning that they were made from a single piece of wood. These longbows were monstrous as they would usually be 6 […]

Using the Medieval Longbow

Share! Howard Hill is one of the most notable figures in the archery industry. I am willing to say that he ranks above Ben Pearson and the Fred Bear. This is not to take anything away from these other legends, but rather show you the amount that he put into […]

Howard Hill: Longbow Shooter Extraordinaire