Building your own arrows is a great way to learn about your equipment.
Share!Building your own arrows is a great way to become more in tune with your archery equipment. Archery is one of those sports that offers so much more than meets the eye. It has such a great history and rich tradition that goes along with it. Part of that history […]

An Introduction into Building Your Own Arrows

Planning a DIY destination hunt takes planning, but can lead you to some incredible places. 2 comments
Share!Planning a destination hunt is something that takes time and attention to details. This brief guide will help do it yourself hunters to plan accordingly for their upcoming hunt. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) destination hunts have always been part of the hunting culture. Hunting’s root trace to men of days gone by […]

Do It Yourself: Planning a Destination Hunt

Share!After decades of study, here are the results of Dr. Ashby’s research on arrow penetration. In part two of this series on arrow penetration we will identify the 10 elements Dr. Ashby concluded on the subject. After learning about Dr. Ed Ashby’s life and beliefs you can have a better […]

The Truth About Arrow Penetration: PT 2 The Findings

Share!During those make or break situations, do you know where all of your hunting equipment is located? Do you know where your arrows are? If you have a quality archery bow quiver then you can rest easy. Quivers come in all shapes and sizes and can include versions that wrap […]

Archery Bow Quivers: Deciding Factors

Share! When you are looking at getting a bow string silencer you will hear two different sides of the same story. One side is going to tell you that they do not matter and the other side is going to tell you that it makes a world of difference. The […]

Quietest Bow Accessory on the Market: The Bow String Silencer

4x32 Scope
Share! One of the most popular crossbow packages of all time would have to be the Chace-Sun II package. This bundle gives the shooter everything that they need to get started bow hunting. You do not have to spend and arm and a leg, to get your hands on this […]

Chace-Sun II: One of the Top Selling Crossbow Packages

Share!When searching for a new youth bow, one must always make sure that they start with the correct fundamentals. When checking children for their eye dominance, you want to make sure that you do not confuse it with their hand dominance. Some shooters are right hand dominant but left eye […]

Youth Bow Selection: Know your Eye Dominance

Share!Part Three Now that we have discussed what their purposes are and the differences between plastic vanes and arrow fletching we will turn our attention to fletching orientation. The orientation of your fletching has always been thought of as being correlated to your shooting style. What I mean by this […]

Arrow Components – Part 3: Fletching Orientation

Share!Part Two We will follow up our previous discussion on arrow¬†vanes and fletching by discussing the question that every hunter gets at one point or another; should I use plastic vanes or feather fletching? The fletching helps balance the arrow throughout its flight so making the choice of whether to […]

Arrow Components – Part 2: Feathers or Vanes

Share!Part One We will begin our series on arrow components with a discussion on vanes and fletching. This part of the arrow is most commonly depicted in movies and history books as being made of feathers. In the modern times of the arrow, you can also get a rubber-based version […]

Arrow Components – Part 1: What are Fletching and Vanes?