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Fred Bear
Share!Perhaps the most famous archer of the 20th century, Fred Bear did more for the sport of archery than most folks could dream of. Fred Bear. The name is synonymous with archery. If you know somebody who isn’t an archer, odds are the only archer they may have heard of […]

Legend of Archery Fred Bear: The Man Who Needs No ...

Bear Archery 2 comments
Share!Bear Archery; A True American Success Companies come and go. It’s a fact of life and business. Most businesses will flash in the pan, and experience short-term success in whatever their field. Few companies withstand the test of time. Companies like Winchester firearms, Remington firearms, and Oneida traps have withstood […]

Company Spotlight: Bear Archery

Share!We have great news, the PSE Blackhawk and Wolverine 60″ Longbows have been restocked. Pick up your new longbow today at The PSE Wolverine is the a great intermediate long bow. This longbow is 60″ long and made to fit smaller hands. Made from Rosewood and Walnut with Maple […]

RESTOCKED: PSE Blackhawk and PSE Wolverine 60″ Longbows

Best Hunting Environment
Share!The sound of nature is such a soothing sound to hear and as well as a peaceful environment to be in. This also applies to hunting. While out hunting hearing the jarring sounds of rifles and shotguns often ruins the bow hunting experience for a bow hunter. Unlike rifle hunters, […]

Where Are The Best Places To Bow Hunt?

Share!Hunting includes many details and as technology progresses, so does the game hunting. The quality of a hunter’s equipment is important not only to ensure he has a. For example, there are four variations of hunting tree stands which include the climbing stand, the ladder stand, the hanging stand, and […]

Tree Stands for your Every Hunting Need

Share!The Montana is one of three longbows offered by Bear Archery in their lineup of traditional archery bows. The other two, the Ausable and Patriot, are newer reflex-deflex designs. The  Bear Archery Montana Longbow, which was introduced in the late 90s, sports a more conventional appearance with somewhat reflexed limbs […]

Bear Archery Montana Longbow Review

Share!The Bear Archery name still inspires bow hunters everywhere. Bear® Archery: It’s not about the hype or cost — it’s about the hunt! This defines the essence of their company. Bear Archery started during the Great Depression. The company flourished with a passion for bow hunting and craftsmanship. Over the […]

Presenting BEAR Archery Bows

Im Dong-Hyun
Share!A legally blind archer “Im Dong-hyun” from South Korea has set the first world records of the London Olympics, breaking his own record in the 72-arrow mark and helping South Korea set a team record in the ranking round on Friday. “Im Dong-Hyun” broke the record he had set in […]

Legally Blind Archer Competes in the London 2012 Olympics