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Share!No Hindrance from Distance Distance is every hunter’s enemy. Not only does it prevent the hunter from hitting the target, it also increases the chances that wind may affect the trajectory of the projectile used. In these cases, a scope should be used to gauge the distance between the hunter […]

Scope Please! Putting Distance Between You and Your Game

NcSTAR 1" RING-7/8' With Weaver Base
Share!Excalibur Scope Mount For Exocet Crossbow Our SCOPE MOUNT is built from strong anodized aluminum to solidly and securely position your scope for accurate shooting. Using a weaver type base, it installs in seconds using 4 pretapped mounting holes located on every trigger unit. Highlights: Black anodized aluminum 7/8″ Weaver […]

Choose the Right Accessories for Crossbow Scope

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Share!  In hunting, there are several styles of reticles designed to go well with your style of hunting. If you are an serious outdoorsman and wish to hunt proficiently, preparing properly is the very first thing you should consider. First, you should choose a suitable firearm that piques your interest, […]

Hunting Beginners: Introduction to Distinct Reticle Styles