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Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot with Stabilizers
Share!With the introduction of the slingshot series Pro Diablo 2, the leading archery brand Barnett is ready to change the game. Designed for high-precision shooting, this catapult boasts of a professional-grade construction that passes the requirements of both beginners and advanced level shooters. Coupled with new features and the signature […]

Barnett Pro Diablo 2 Slingshot: Power and Precision like No ...

Barnett Folding Black Widow Slingshot
Share!Hunting is the act of killing any living thing for a variety of reasons. Hunting is usually done as a form of recreation nowadays. There are many forms of hunting depending upon the size of the targeted animal or the weapon to be used. Hunting using the slingshot as the […]

When to Use Hunting Slingshot – Know the Proper Moment

Barnett Pro Diablo II Slingshot with Stabilizers 2 comments
Share!The slingshot has come a long way from its introduction during the early 1800s. What once was a weapon for hunting and killing may now be used as a child’s plaything although several enthusiasts still use this weapon as a sport. Everything about this weapon has changed throughout the course […]

How to Choose a Slingshot – On Choosing the Best

Barnett Strike Nine Slingshot
Share!There are some cool slingshots in the hunting market. The Pro Diablo II is a professional grade slingshot a step above the rest. The Pro Diablo comes with a sleek and efficient 3-piece weighted stabilizer system with adjustable sight that allows for lethal accuracy. Its contoured soft touch grip allows […]

Hunting With A Slingshot