Share!When searching for a new youth bow, one must always make sure that they start with the correct fundamentals. When checking children for their eye dominance, you want to make sure that you do not confuse it with their hand dominance. Some shooters are right hand dominant but left eye […]

Youth Bow Selection: Know your Eye Dominance

Share!Part Two We will follow up our previous discussion on arrow vanes and fletching by discussing the question that every hunter gets at one point or another; should I use plastic vanes or feather fletching? The fletching helps balance the arrow throughout its flight so making the choice of whether to […]

Arrow Components – Part 2: Feathers or Vanes

Share!Part One We will begin our series on arrow components with a discussion on vanes and fletching. This part of the arrow is most commonly depicted in movies and history books as being made of feathers. In the modern times of the arrow, you can also get a rubber-based version […]

Arrow Components – Part 1: What are Fletching and Vanes?

Share! Bow fishing has exploded in popularity in just the last few years because of how easy and fun it is to participate. Many of the dedicated bow hunters out there will use this type ofactivity to keep shooting their bow. It is a fun and easy activity that one […]

Reel in your Dinner with the Right Bowfishing Accessories

Share! Growing archers are the ones that need the most direction. We should be teaching them in a fundamentally sound manner that will grow with them as they age. I feel that many times when we show a child the techniques that are involved with the sport; we do not do […]

Youth Bow Tips: Proper Hand Placements

Share! The longbow is a bow that was traditionally made out of yew, which is a tree that is commonly found in England.  The English Longbow was typically considered a self-bow meaning that they were made from a single piece of wood. These longbows were monstrous as they would usually be 6 […]

Using the Medieval Longbow

Share! Howard Hill is one of the most notable figures in the archery industry. I am willing to say that he ranks above Ben Pearson and the Fred Bear. This is not to take anything away from these other legends, but rather show you the amount that he put into […]

Howard Hill: Longbow Shooter Extraordinaire

Share! Some of the best news we have received so far is that we just received the shipment of our highly regarded 55 lb compound bow and our 70 lb Wizard Archery Compound Bow. The 55 lb compound bows are available in autumn camouflage, black and silver and all black. […]

BREAKING NEWS: 55 lb and 70 lb Compound Archery Bows ...