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A two cam bow like this must be checked for timing periodically.
Share!Learning the very basics of compound bow cam tuning is an important step to better understand your archery equipment. For some folks out there, tinkering with their archery equipment is half of the fun. Bonafide gear nuts are always modifying their setup, adding new accessories, or fine tuning their shooting […]

The Basics of Cam Tuning for Compound Bows

The bow draw weight you choose is a highly personal decision.
Share!In some circles the topic of bow draw weight can become a heated debate. The truth is it’s not worth arguing about. Why does everything in this world seem to have to be black and white? It’s either one view to one extreme, or the opposite view to the opposite […]

The Truth About Bow Draw Weight

Top-5 Flagship Compound Bows for 2015
Share! In 2015 the trend for archery bows was a longer axel-to-axel. Just before that, it was all about speed bows. Before that it was bows that were more compact. If you are looking for a more balanced, longer ATA bow, then 2015 is the year for you to start […]

Top 5 Flagship Compound Bows for 2015

Bow hunting during the rut 1 comment
Share!  While there are deer hunters of every caliber that are going to be hitting the field this season, every one of them has one thing in common. What they have in common is that they have all been lead to believe that the best time to hunt is during […]

3 Quick Tips for Bow Hunting During the Rut

PSE Archery Logo
Share! The PSE Dream Season Decree is one of the flagship bows for PSE Archery in 2015. They decided to create something different than last years Full Throttle which was mainly built for speed. The Decree offers very impressive speeds stating that it shoots anywhere between 347-355. It has a […]

Product Spotlight: PSE Dream Season Decree