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SAS Authority crossbow
Share!The solid performance and price of the SAS Authority crossbow would make it a nice addition to any arsenal. So many of the things we buy and sell these days are adorned with frills. Extra this, and gadgets for that. Heck, I have a vehicle with heated and cooled seats. What […]

New Crossbows of 2017: SAS Authority Crossbow

PSE Fang crossbow
Share!If you are looking for a hard working crossbow that can get the job done the PSE Fang crossbow might be worth a look. PSE has always endeavored to provide quality archery gear to the public since the 1970’s. Their founder Pete Shipley has grown the company from its humble beginnings […]

PSE Fang Crossbow: Plenty of Bang for Your Buck

Hunting with a crossbow is supposed to be difficult, but this young man shows us how easy it can be.
Share!Hog hunting with a crossbow isn’t a sure thing by any means. Watch this video of a young hog hunter doubling up against the odds on this Texas hunt. Hunting with archery equipment is a step toward the more difficult. I personally know many bowhunters who hunt with a bow […]

Hog Hunting with a Crossbow Takes an Unexpected Twist

Wicked Ridge Warrior G3
Share!If you are looking for a hardworking utility crossbow take a minute to scope out the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3. The objective of the people over at Wicked Ridge is simple. They want to offer hunters what they feel are accurate, simple, and reliable crossbows. Not only that, but they […]

New Crossbow of 2016; Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

Crosman Sniper 370 1 comment
Share!If you want the performance of a high-end crossbow without the sticker shock give the Crosman Sniper 370 a look. Buying a new bow is fun. You get to look at, compare, and test shoot a variety of different bows while browsing for just the right fit. It’s kind of […]

Crosman Sniper 370 Crossbow; Does it Out Perform Your Current ...

Share!The PSE RDX 400 is one of the fastest crossbows on the market and is a rock solid all around bow. PSE has earned a reputation as one of the top names in the archery industry. Since 1970 PSE has been churning out top notch products for a wide range […]

New Crossbow of 2016: PSE RDX 400 Crossbow

Parker Ambusher Compound Crossbow 3 comments
Share!Looking for a nice entry level crossbow to take to the woods on your next hunt? The Parker Ambusher crossbow might just be the right bow for the job. Parker has earned a reputation as a solid brand in the crossbow industry. They have accomplished this by putting out well […]

Parker Ambusher: New Crossbows of 2016

PARKER-X102-2T 1 comment
Share!If you are looking for a great compound crossbow from one of the most trusted names in the industry, take a look at the Parker Hurricane. When you talk about quality crossbows the Parker lineup has to enter the discussion. Although a relatively new company, Parker has garnered a reputation for […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Parker Hurricane

Carbon Express Covert 3.4 Hot Pursuit 1 comment
Share!Anyone looking for a great deal on a new crossbow should take a look at the Carbon Express Covert 3.4 Hot Pursuit crossbow. Carbon Express had earned a solid reputation in the archery world for providing quality gear at an affordable price. Typically known for their top notch arrows, they […]

Carbon Express Covert 3.4 Hot Pursuit Crossbow

Share!With the release of the new crossbows of 2016, many people will be taking a hard look at the TenPoint Titan SS. One of TenPoint’s most popular models has been released with their other new crossbows of 2016, and that bow is the TenPoint Titan SS. The Titan SS is […]

TenPoint Titan SS: New Crossbow of 2016

BARNETT-780-2T 2 comments
Share!You would have to scour the new crossbows of 2016 to find a faster crossbow than the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant. Barnett has released their new flagship crossbow of 2016. The Barnett Ghost 415 Ghost Revenant is the top of the line from this popular crossbow company for good reason. This […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant