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Crossbow Cocking Devices Make Life Easier

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In the last few years, Crossbows have become famous among new hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts. They have become an alternative for those who do not like to keep guns in their houses but would still like to try the hobby out. Crossbows are a cross between a bow and a shotgun and are considered weapons. They are as accurate as traditional bows and more comfortable to use and carry due to them having a stock. To shoot, a bolt or arrow is mounted and the bowstring is pulled back or cocked and released to propel the arrow towards the intended target.

In pop culture, crossbows are seen being used one handed, manually pulling the string to cock the crossbow. In reality, this is discouraged unless you’ve reached a certain level of expertise. It is recommended beginners start the hobby with the help of a cocking device for crossbow.

Barnett Crank Cocking Device Quad-400 or Wildcat C5

Cocking your crossbow correctly is important for crossbow accuracy And maintenance. Most people, who are new to crossbows, are not informed of this and tend to complain when their crossbow does not shoot accurately and/ or they crack a limb. Crossbow cocking devices are used to help the person pull the string back and at the same time, evenly distribute the tension on the string.

Types of cocking devices

There are several different cocking devices. The inexpensive and easiest use of these cocking devices is the rope cocking string. The rope cocking device has two handles that are connected by a braided nylon rope that has two hooks on it. You would wrap it around the stock and connect the two hooks onto the string creating a ‘w” pattern. To cock the crossbow you will then place your foot in the foot hold, grab the handles with both hands then pull up towards your chest. This type of cocking mechanism is easy to carry and is light weight. The second type of cocking mechanism is the crank cocking device. Unlike the rope, this cocking device is installed onto the crossbow and cranked as you would a fishing reel. Depending on the cocking device is will alleviate between 65% and 95% of the draw weight needed to cock the crossbow. As rope cocking devices are universal a crank cocking device is not. They are made for specific crossbows and the designs vary by brand.

Choosing the right cocking device

Rope cocking devices for the most part are universal and fit most crossbows. Crossbow companies make their own cocking devices for their crossbow but can be used on different brands. Cocking devices, the other hand, are not as universal. Cocking devices are offered by brand name brand crossbow companies for their expensive high poundage crossbows. So make sure to inquire into which cocking device fits and should be used with you specific crossbow.

The right cocking device can be advantageous to both beginners and experts alike. Make sure you are choosing the one that best suits you and your needs.