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PSE Tac 15 Crossbow Bolts - 6/Pack
Share! Barnett 22″ Headhunter Carbon Fiber Arrows with Field Point and Moon Nock – 5/Pack The 22″ Barnett arrow has a carbon shaft and are produced straighter, more durable and with more consistent wall thickness. With 100 grain point at 13.78 grains per inch, these arrows provide maximum accuracy and […]

Best Rated Hunting Arrows

PSE TAC 15 Shafts 1/2 DZ - 6/Pack
Share!With all the archers in the world using the same carbon arrows (only different in brand names), isn’t it nice to feel like your arrows are just yours? If you buy a set of arrows in an archery shop, you would probably receive the basic-looking shaft with a pointed head […]

Custom-made Carbon Arrows

Share!Two of the most popular arrow types are aluminum and carbon arrows. Both are known for their strength and stability. But is their list of good features enough to outweigh the other? Here is a comparative analysis between carbon and aluminum arrows. When wood was the only material used to […]

Carbon or Aluminum: Which is Better?

Barnett 18-inch Arrows - 5/Pack 3 comments
Share!The proper use of crossbows will essentially make the item last longer, and correct use means you have to shoot an appropriate arrow as well. Although slightly deviating arrows or bolts can probably work, it will not work effectively; you can make it work but the outcome will not be […]

Crossbows, Bolts and Grain Weight

PSE 20'' Charger Xbolts W/ Nocks - 72/Pack
Share!Arrows used in archery can be classified according to the material used. Currently, there are four types of arrows: wood arrows, carbon arrows, aluminum arrows and fiberglass arrows. Each type has its own beneficial features and some disadvantages. A wood arrow is commonly used by beginners and archers who use […]

The Pros and Cons of Different Arrows