Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme Review 3 comments
Share! The latest edition of Crossbow Revolution features a full review on the fastest crossbow around, the Ventilator Extreme. This bow blows away it’s competition in sheer speed with an average 440 feet per second on each shot. Unlike many competitors, the Ventilator Extreme accomplishes its lightning fast speed without […]

Ventilator Extreme: Fastest Crossbow Available

Selecting the Right Arrows for your Crossbow
Share! Crossbow popularity is on the rise! More than half of the US states now allow hunters to use crossbows. This is the reason that many have begun using these versatile weapons. When purchasing your first crossbow, you should opt for packages that include everything. This could include, but is not limited to […]

Selecting the Right Arrows for your Crossbow

Bow hunting during the rut 1 comment
Share!  While there are deer hunters of every caliber that are going to be hitting the field this season, every one of them has one thing in common. What they have in common is that they have all been lead to believe that the best time to hunt is during […]

3 Quick Tips for Bow Hunting During the Rut

Share!I read an article today that reinvigorated my energy. It was from a bow hunter from Pennsylvania who had recently changed his stance on crossbows. It was refreshing because of the fact that he (like many who initially despise crossbows) realized that they are not at all what he had thought. […]

Crossbows: Don’t Knock it Till You Try It