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Share!No one can break down the history of Medieval weapons like Gunny can. In a world where the newest innovation hits the shelves almost daily, one of the greatest aspects of archery is the history it carries with it. Unlike many things in life, archery has withstood the test of […]

Gunny Breaks Down the History of Medieval Weapons

Check out these crossbow trick shots by an accomplished archer.
Share!As the old cliche goes; kids, don’t try this at home. Who doesn’t like watching some good crossbow trick shots every now and then? Trick shots are part of archery culture and have been around probably since its ancient beginnings. I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t like […]

Crossbow Trick Shots: Could You Perform Under Pressure?

Blank baling is a great way to reduce target panic. 2 comments
Share!For people truly dedicated to their craft there is no offseason. Here a a few off season archery shooting tips to improve your skills. The best never rest. This motto proves true in almost all walks of life. Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and other greats in sports don’t get there […]

Off Season Archery Shooting Tips

Tenpoint Stealth FX4 Compound Crossbow 1 comment
Share! Whenever someone mentions a top-of-the-line compound crossbow, TenPoint is one of those companies that has to come to mind. Year in and year out they produce some of the most technologically sophisticated crossbows. Advocates of the brand are quick to point out that the assembly plant in Ohio has […]

TP Stealth FX Crossbow Review

2 New Excalibur Crossbows for Sale
Share!Excalibur crossbows have just come out with a few new crossbows for those of you that are looking to purchase an Excalibur crossbow for sale. They are adding new crossbows to an already jam packed lineup that has featured the likes of the  Matrix 380, Matrix 355, 380 Xtra, 380 Lynx, […]

The Two New Excalibur Crossbows for Sale location
Share! We are having the grand opening of our showroom on November 25, 2014! We recently made the move from our old warehouse to this new one at 1434 Santa Anita Ave. The new location allows us to showcase many of the new items that we will have for the […]

Grand Opening for’s Showroom

Share!I read an article today that reinvigorated my energy. It was from a bow hunter from Pennsylvania who had recently changed his stance on crossbows. It was refreshing because of the fact that he (like many who initially despise crossbows) realized that they are not at all what he had thought. […]

Crossbows: Don’t Knock it Till You Try It