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Obsession Turmoil
Share!One of the fastest rising bow companies lives up to its reputation with the Obsession Turmoil compound bow. Have you ever had a million dollar idea? The idea that pops into your head and you feel like people would simply love it. I feel like I’ve had plenty of them […]

New Compound Bow of 2017: Obsession Turmoil – They Did ...

SAS Spirit Recurve
Share!Choosing a traditional bow is a personal decision, and you should answer these 4 questions before dropping the string. Remembering your first is always easy. Your first car, first teacher, first date, first deer, or first whatever. They just have a way of sticking in your memory. It’s the same […]

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Traditional Bow

Obsession Bows
Share!If you haven’t yet heard of Obsession Bows, the meteoric rise of this company may take you off guard. Quick, name off the top three bow manufacturers you can think of. Got them? I would wager brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Bear, PSE, and BowTech may have popped up. These […]

Company Spotlight: Obsession Bows

Understanding kinetic energy in archery is important for a variety of reasons. 
Image via Pixabay.
Share!If you’ve ever heard of kinetic energy in archery and wonder what all the fuss is about, here are the top 3 things you need to know. As a high school teacher I often get questions, comments, glances, and subtle expressions asking the eternal question, “When am I ever going […]

3 Things You Should Know About Kinetic Energy in Archery

Diamond Carbon Cure 3 comments
Share!The Diamond Carbon Cure is the company’s top end compound bow of 2016. Diamond has earned a reputation for their adaptable bows. Their Edge series has really set the bar in the industry when it comes to designing a bow that suits the needs of the archer. These bows simply […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: Diamond Carbon Cure

The Diamond Prism is the most adaptable bow ever. 2 comments
Share!The Diamond Prism is the latest model in Diamond’s lineup of ultra adaptable bows. My first bow was a disaster. In an effort to test out my love of archery, my dad bought me an old thrift store for about $15. Like most excited kids, when I first saw it […]

The Most Adaptable Bow Ever: Diamond Prism

PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow
Share!Oftentimes the first bow is the most difficult to buy. The PSE Night Hawk recurve bow eliminates that difficulty and is a great entry level recurve. I remember standing in the back room of the archery store like it was yesterday. A good fellow with a gray beard and quick […]

PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow: An Entry Level Recurve

5 Bowhunting Mistakes that you could fix
Share!   Avoiding mistakes when you are bowhunting is critical to a successful hunt. The best way to keep these mistakes away is to be aware that they are there. One simple mistake may cost you the clean shot that you were just about to take. Everything that you prepared for […]

5 Bowhunting Mistakes You Could be Fixing

Share! One of the most overlooked archery accessories is the bow stringer. I don’t know, maybe people just do not think that they need one when they are restringing their archery or hunting bow. I cannot tell you how beneficial these inexpensive accessories are. Most of us that have had […]

Caution: Always Use a Bow Stringer

Share! Some of the best news we have received so far is that we just received the shipment of our highly regarded 55 lb compound bow and our 70 lb Wizard Archery Compound Bow. The 55 lb compound bows are available in autumn camouflage, black and silver and all black. […]

BREAKING NEWS: 55 lb and 70 lb Compound Archery Bows ...

Labor Day Sale
Share!Don’t miss our annual Labor Day Weekend Sale. This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2, 2013 — meaning a whole weekend of sales and fantastic end of summer savings. Use discount code: LD18FB3D at to enjoy extra savings on top of our everyday low prices.  We can’t think of a better way to […]

3 Day Weekend Labor Day Sale Extravaganza!

Bear Archery Apprentice 2 Compound Bow
Share!Archery is one of the great metaphors for life. It is a sport where is just you, your bow and arrow and your target. By taking time to learn the art that is archery, learns to ability to control their breathing, muscle awareness and the steadiness they will not learn […]

Learning Archery Is As Fun As Ever