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Excalibur Matrix 330
Share!If you like a recurve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix 330 package might be enticing. Over the years Excalibur has risen above the competition to become known as one of the top crossbow manufacturers out there. Perhaps it’s because of the great performance they get from their bows. Maybe it’s because […]

The Excalibur Matrix 330 Package Hits the Ground Running

Excalibur Micro 355
Share!Whatever your budget happens to afford, if you are looking for a hunting weapon these 3 recurve crossbows will suit your needs. Primitive means first not worst. I was told this phrase a long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since. This byte of information is often […]

Top 3 Recurve Crossbows for Hunting

Carbon Express Intercept Axon 1 comment
Share!If you looking for a customizable crossbow, give the Carbon Express Intercept Axon a hard look. Every new crossbow seems to have a trait that stands out. For some crossbows it is mind numbing arrow speed. For others it is a bargain price. Sometimes though the strong points of a […]

New Crossbow of 2016: Carbon Express Intercept Axon

Parker Ambusher Compound Crossbow 3 comments
Share!Looking for a nice entry level crossbow to take to the woods on your next hunt? The Parker Ambusher crossbow might just be the right bow for the job. Parker has earned a reputation as a solid brand in the crossbow industry. They have accomplished this by putting out well […]

Parker Ambusher: New Crossbows of 2016

Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme Review 3 comments
Share! The latest edition of Crossbow Revolution features a full review on the fastest crossbow around, the Ventilator Extreme. This bow blows away it’s competition in sheer speed with an average 440 feet per second on each shot. Unlike many competitors, the Ventilator Extreme accomplishes its lightning fast speed without […]

Ventilator Extreme: Fastest Crossbow Available

2 New Excalibur Crossbows for Sale
Share!Excalibur crossbows have just come out with a few new crossbows for those of you that are looking to purchase an Excalibur crossbow for sale. They are adding new crossbows to an already jam packed lineup that has featured the likes of the  Matrix 380, Matrix 355, 380 Xtra, 380 Lynx, […]

The Two New Excalibur Crossbows for Sale

crossbow cables and string
Share! Dacron, Dyneema, and FastFlite are the newest and “most efficient” options that are available on the market when you are looking for crossbow strings. Crossbow cables and strings are made of several threads that are pieced together to form one tough crossbow string. You are going to want to […]

Cables and Strings: Shooting Longer and Smoother

Labor Day Sale
Share!Don’t miss our annual Labor Day Weekend Sale. This year, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2, 2013 — meaning a whole weekend of sales and fantastic end of summer savings. Use discount code: LD18FB3D at to enjoy extra savings on top of our everyday low prices.  We can’t think of a better way to […]

3 Day Weekend Labor Day Sale Extravaganza!

4th of July Crossbow Sale
Share!Use the coupon code TCBS30JUL for $30 off all orders over $150 and use TCBS15JUL for $15 off orders over $75 We have crossbows, archery bows, sling shots, hunting accessories, coolers, targets and a lot more. This mean huge savings for the whole family! Sale ends Midnight on July 4th

4th of July Crossbow Sale