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Whats Your Choice Crossbow Or Archery Bow


With the introduction of the numerous firearms, archery bows and their close cousin, the crossbows have taken a step down from being the highly popular weapons. However, this does not mean that they are obsolete these days. Actually, hunting with these bows is thought to be a great recreational activity for those who enjoy enjoyable pursuits.

For most people, a issue forms when it comes to choosing between the two bows. To better understand the workings and differences of these two weapons, a brief background is necessary. Archery bows are one of most primitive firearms, dating back as far as ten thousand years ago. It involves shooting an arrow in a projectile motion with the use of a bow. Oddly, this comes in a lot of distinct types that depends on the materials used in creating them. Examples of these include wood made longbow, composite bow and the recurve bow, which is the official bow used in the Olympic Games.

On the other hand, a crossbow is a mounted bow with a stock and a trigger that is equivalent to a rifle. In place of arrows, bolts or quarrels are shot in the same fashion. Just like the archery type, crossbows are medieval weapons that have evolved over the years. There are also many types of crossbows. The compound crossbow, recurve crossbow and the pistol crossbow are examples of modern types available.

With these in mind, differences between archery and crossbows can be identified and examined. The most obvious one is their weight difference. Archery bows are absolutely much lighter than crossbows, which makes it the less awkward weapon choice for beginner archers. The crossbows make up for this by providing the shooter a greater draw force than what an archery bow can give.

The amount of time needed to learn how to use these weapons is also very much unalike. Learning the how to shoot an arrow effectively from an archery bow takes more time in contrast to picking up the techniques in using the crossbow. Other than that, crossbows offer less draw length, and therefore less required energy than those for archery.

When it comes to the rate of fire or the shots that can be made in a specified time, archer bows prove to be the faster weapon of the two. Crossbow, however, is the more accurate weapon since there would be less tension in the arms and hands when preparing for a shot. Crosshairs can also be attached as an accessory for the crossbow.

In conclusion, picking one over the other will depend on the shooter’s capabilities and needs. Those who want to get serious in projectile-based weapons should opt for archer bows, but for those who just want to have a good hunt, crossbow is an excellent choice. Finally, these are great for faster shots, while crossbows allow more forceful ones.


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New Crossbows For 2012


Intending on taking up game hunting this year? The crossbow could be a good weapon to start with. It’s quiet, relatively cheap, and in the hands of a well-informed beginner, relatively safe. But buying such a crossbow isn’t as straightforward as choosing the most appealing color or suitable camouflage scheme. Considerations such as what sort of game will be hunted and the physical characteristics of the hunter will have to be taken into account.

The particular crossbow can be rated by how fast it can shoot its projectile (called a bolt), expressed in feet per second (fps). Generally, the higher this figure is, the larger the prey the crossbow can actually take down. However, the higher fps, the more difficult it is to cock back the string that actually propels the bolt. This is the crossbows draw weight. So the higher the draw weight, the bigger and stronger the hunted should be to be able to use the bow comfortably. Usually, a crossbow with 285 fps is enough for a deer, or black bear and would have a draw weight of about 150 lbs…., which is just appropriate for an averagely built person.

For 2012, top crossbow manufacturers have some great gear to offer budding and experienced hunting enthusiasts. Scorpyd has the new Ventilator, supposedly a scaled down version of the popular SLP. The model is available in 100, 125 and 150 lbs. draw weights, delivering up to 400 fps. Roughly 36 inches long and weighing about 8 lbs., the base kit of the Ventilator will cost about $1, 300.

Excalibur has two models up for grabs for 2012. The Eclipse XT’s black carbon fiber finish is perfect for hunters who’d rather lurk in the dark. This model can shoot arrows at 330 fps, has a draw weight of 200 lbs., and weighs just under 6. 5 lbs. The base model goes for about $920 and includes scope, quiver and various mounting hardware.

Additionally from Excalibur is the $590 Ibex SMF. This can sling a 350 grain arrow at more than 305 fps and has a draw weight of 175 lbs. The compact model which tips the scales at below 6 lbs., is only available as a kit that includes scopes, brackets, and quiver, among others.

U. S. -based PSE crossbows also have several new stuff for this year, like the 2012 Crossfire. This bang-for-buck crossbow can be had for as low as $450 but can shoot 100 grain bolts at 320 fps. The package comes with a scope, three 20-inch charger bolts, quiver, and a useful cocking strap.


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New 2012 PSE Crossfire Crossbow VS Firefox Crossbow


What are Precision Shooting Equipment Crossbows?


It is a company in the United States that was founded by Pete Shipley in 1970, which manufactures equipment for archery. PSE started out with their ordinary bows, which are now considered to be conventional or the old types. But today, PSE Crossbows are the result of the continuous development of the engineering and technology in bows. This is just for the record and additional information, PSE, as of now, is the only company in the United States that manufactures and sells crossbows.


Their crossbow models are categorized into five (5): TAC 15, Foxfire, Crossfire, Reaper, & Copperhead TS. This article will entail the features of two of their crossbows; they are the Crossfire crossbows and the Foxfire crossbows.

PSE 2012 Crossfire Crossbow Features:


There are two (2) types of this model: Crossfire Crossbow with a 4×32 Scope / Crossfire Crossbow with Red Dot Scope.


Features: Both have a Power Stroke of 12 ½”, a Kinetic Energy of 97-91 ft. Lbs., Its overall length is at 36 ½”, while its overall width is at 28 ¾”, and with a speed of 320-310 fps; 425 gear bolt and Axle-to-Axle of 25 7/8”.

PSE Foxfire Crossbow Features:


The PSE Foxfire Crossbow has two (2) types as well: Foxfire Crossbow with a 4×32 Scope / Crossfire Crossbow with Red Dot Scope.


Features: Both have a Power Stroke 14″, a Kinetic Energy 109-102 ft. Lbs., Its overall length is at 38 1/2″ while its overall width is at 27″, and with a speed of 340-330 fps; 425 gear bolt and Axle-to-Axle of 24″



Based from the above given specs and features, we may consider technically, both the Crossfire Crossbow and the Foxfire Crossbow are almost similar with their respective features. But if we are going to make a deep evaluation between the two, we can say that Foxfire Crossbows have more strength in its power stroke and kinetic energy. Especially with their respective speeds, Foxfire crossbow still has more speed than that of Crossfire Crossbow.


Nevertheless, both types of PSE crossbows can deliver that performance that one hunter will be looking for. They were both manufactured to perform and deliver the goods to the professional and non-pro hunters in the United States.


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