SAS Authority crossbow
Share!The solid performance and price of the SAS Authority crossbow would make it a nice addition to any arsenal. So many of the things we buy and sell these days are adorned with frills. Extra this, and gadgets for that. Heck, I have a vehicle with heated and cooled seats. What […]

New Crossbows of 2017: SAS Authority Crossbow

Recurve bow
Share!What’s hot on These top selling bows have risen above the rest as the people’s choice. Kicking around with other archers is one of my favorite things to do. Talking bows, talking hunting, and talking shooting is something I simply enjoy. You can learn a lot from the experiences […]

Check Out These Top Selling Bows on

SAS-673B-2T 1 comment
Share!The next generation Jaguar II crossbow from Southland Archery Supply is sure to have the same appeal as its popular predecessor. If you were the CEO of a major archery company who had developed an incredibly popular product what would you do? Well, the folks at Southland Archery Supply (SAS) had […]

Back by Popular Demand and Better than Ever; Jaguar II ...

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Share!Having the right hunting backpack on your next outing can make your journey much more enjoyable. I’ve always been a bargain shopper. For whatever reason I try and pinch pennies wherever I can. In the grocery store, buying my hunting gear, vehicles, whatever. I like a good deal. This thriftiness […]

5 Great Hunting Backpacks For All Situations