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Distracting your Game: How To Set Up Your Decoy

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A decoy is meant to act as a distraction to whatever game it is that you are hunting. They come in many different shapes and sizes. You can use them for duck hunting, whitetail hunting, or whatever game it is that you are pursuing. Many hunters believe that their hunting decoys work, while other people think this is just another ploy from these manufacturers to get a hunters money.

If you are not having success with your decoy, it may be because you are using it incorrectly. There are some things that you should look at and at least consider before you take your decoy out. If you have a buck decoy, make sure to face it towards your stand. The opposite applies if you have a doe decoy. This is because many bucks will circle around before they come in.

Decoy, Deer, Buck

Whatever decoy you have is not going to be any good if it smells like the tire you changed on the way over there or if it smells like the breakfast, you had that morning. Always make sure that you are wearing gloves, or something that will prevent your skin from touching the decoy. It would also be helpful if you spray it down with some scent blocker. Many people think that they have to use deer urine, or some other potent scent. This is not necessarily true. You can have a successful hunt without scents. Having them just gives your target another reason to believe that your decoy is real.

If you decide to use a decoy, make sure that they are relatively close to you. Having the decoy closer to you, and where you want it to be, will put the ball in your court. There is no point to have your decoy set up so far out that you lose confidence in your shot. Also, remember that the direction of the wind plays a big factor on whether your decoy works or not. You want your prey to sense