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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve
Share!The Samick Sage takedown recurve is a great bow for the price, and can help you break into the world of traditional archery. I’ve often wrote about the trepidation felt when buying your very first bow. Maybe its because I remember actually buying my first bow. Not only was I […]

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve: Your Ticket into Trad Archery

The Great Wall
Share!If you are looking for an archery focused movie, The Great Wall looks to be a sure thing. Admittedly, I’m no movie buff. My family and I aren’t regular goers by any means, and we haven’t been to a movie theater since 2012. Occasionally though, I get caught up on the […]

Are You Going to See Hollywood’s Newest Archery Blockbuster?

Fred Bear
Share!Perhaps the most famous archer of the 20th century, Fred Bear did more for the sport of archery than most folks could dream of. Fred Bear. The name is synonymous with archery. If you know somebody who isn’t an archer, odds are the only archer they may have heard of […]

Legend of Archery Fred Bear: The Man Who Needs No ...

Traditional Recurve Youth Bow
Share!If you have a kid, or know a kid, interested in archery, these 3 traditional youth bows are worth a look. Movies are stories and we all have our own favorite stories. Since I was a kid my favorite movies have always been set in historical places. Movies like Braveheart, […]

These 3 Traditional Youth Bows are Worth a Look

SAS Spirit Recurve
Share!Choosing a traditional bow is a personal decision, and you should answer these 4 questions before dropping the string. Remembering your first is always easy. Your first car, first teacher, first date, first deer, or first whatever. They just have a way of sticking in your memory. It’s the same […]

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Traditional Bow

Share!Introducing kids to archery is the best way to ensure our great sport finds its way to the future. When done right parenting is a tough job. Not only do kids require a tremendous amount of energy, but the responsibility of instilling values and raising them up isn’t as easy as […]

Why Introducing Kids to Archery is so Important

Excalibur Micro 355
Share!Whatever your budget happens to afford, if you are looking for a hunting weapon these 3 recurve crossbows will suit your needs. Primitive means first not worst. I was told this phrase a long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since. This byte of information is often […]

Top 3 Recurve Crossbows for Hunting

Fleetwood Spartan Recurve
Share!If you’ve been flirting with traditional archery but haven’t taken the plunge, give the Fleetwood Spartan recurve a hard looking over. The sport of archery has seen an impressive surge in popularity over the past decade or so. As equipment becomes more and more accurate, powerful, affordable, and easy to […]

Get Your Traditional Archery Start with the Fleetwood Spartan Recurve

Understanding kinetic energy in archery is important for a variety of reasons. 
Image via Pixabay.
Share!If you’ve ever heard of kinetic energy in archery and wonder what all the fuss is about, here are the top 3 things you need to know. As a high school teacher I often get questions, comments, glances, and subtle expressions asking the eternal question, “When am I ever going […]

3 Things You Should Know About Kinetic Energy in Archery

Using a bow stringer has a variety of benefits.
Share!Follow along and easily learn these 8 simple steps to use a bow stringer. Shooters of traditional bows opt for a variety of ways to string their bows. Most shooters were probably taught the first time they shot a traditional bow, and have used the same method ever since. While […]

How to Use a Bow Stringer in 8 Easy Steps

SAS Horse bow 1 comment
Share!If you are looking for a totally different archery experience, or want to spice up the man cave, take a gander at the traditional SAS Horse Bow. In life we tend to define things by our experience. In other words, the way you’ve done something determines how you think of […]

SAS Horse Bow: A Different Archery Experience

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 7.39.55 AM 1 comment
Share!Throughout history many different civilizations have developed bows and perfected different aiming techniques for their traditional bows. One technique making a comeback is called stringwalking Shooting a traditional bow offers a lot of freedom to shooters in how they execute each shot. Previous posts have covered instinctive shooting and the […]

Hitting the Mark: Aiming Techniques for a Traditional Bow PT ...