Diamond Deploy SB
Share!The Diamond Deploy SB is the company’s top end bow of 2016. With yet another year marching steadily forward archery companies are releasing their new compound bows of 2016. Most companies create a range of products, at a range of quality, to meet the needs of various consumers. Archery companies […]

New Compound Bows of 2016; Diamond Deploy SB

PSE Pink Ball Cap
Share!For ladies out there wanting to wear blaze pink in the field, things have taken a step in the right direction. Oftentimes when people think of hunting they think of grizzled men in flannel shirts sipping coffee round the table. Atop their head sits a blaze orange hat, and perhaps […]

Ladies Camo: Blaze Pink Gaining Credibility

Using a bow stringer has a variety of benefits.
Share!Follow along and easily learn these 8 simple steps to use a bow stringer. Shooters of traditional bows opt for a variety of ways to string their bows. Most shooters were probably taught the first time they shot a traditional bow, and have used the same method ever since. While […]

How to Use a Bow Stringer in 8 Easy Steps

SAS Horse bow
Share!If you are looking for a totally different archery experience, or want to spice up the man cave, take a gander at the traditional SAS Horse Bow. In life we tend to define things by our experience. In other words, the way you’ve done something determines how you think of […]

SAS Horse Bow: A Different Archery Experience

Quest AMP 1 comment
Share!If you are looking for a bow with some serious speed the Quest AMP should pop up on your radar. Fast bows have pros and cons. Like anything there is probably no such thing as a perfect bow. As you increase speed you typically get a bow that is harder […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: Quest AMP

The Diamond Atomic is a great beginners bow. 1 comment
Share!If your youngster is showing interest in archery, the Diamond Atomic is a beginners bow you should take seriously. A first time archer’s bow is something they will always remember. Whether it is a simple sapling strung with baling twine, or a modern manufactured bow, it will leave an impression. […]

First Shot: Diamond Atomic is a Great Beginners Bow

Quest Forge 1 comment
Share!The Quest Forge has hit the market in 2016 and has all the components to be a solid bow. Quest is part of the G5 brand that has been in the archery business since the early 2000’s. What started with the G5 Montec broadhead has spawned into two brands of […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: Quest Forge

Diamond Carbon Cure 1 comment
Share!The Diamond Carbon Cure is the company’s top end compound bow of 2016. Diamond has earned a reputation for their adaptable bows. Their Edge series has really set the bar in the industry when it comes to designing a bow that suits the needs of the archer. These bows simply […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: Diamond Carbon Cure

The Diamond Prism is the most adaptable bow ever. 2 comments
Share!The Diamond Prism is the latest model in Diamond’s lineup of ultra adaptable bows. My first bow was a disaster. In an effort to test out my love of archery, my dad bought me an old thrift store for about $15. Like most excited kids, when I first saw it […]

The Most Adaptable Bow Ever: Diamond Prism

The bow draw weight you choose is a highly personal decision.
Share!In some circles the topic of bow draw weight can become a heated debate. The truth is it’s not worth arguing about. Why does everything in this world seem to have to be black and white? It’s either one view to one extreme, or the opposite view to the opposite […]

The Truth About Bow Draw Weight

PSE Xpression 1 comment
Share!People are praising the PSE Xpression as hands down being the best target bow ever made. When the general public hears about archery, most instantly get an image of hunting in their mind. Truth be told, hunting has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity but it is not the only aspect of […]

Best Target Bow Ever Made: PSE XPression

PSE Bow Madness 34 1 comment
Share!The PSE Bow Madness 34 is sure to be one of PSE’s top bows in 2016. When one of the most respected archery companies in the business releases their new lineup of bows people take notice. PSE is one of those companies. For over 30 years they have been pushing […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: PSE Bow Madness 34