Excalibur Micro 355
Share!Whatever your budget happens to afford, if you are looking for a hunting weapon these 3 recurve crossbows will suit your needs. Primitive means first not worst. I was told this phrase a long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since. This byte of information is often […]

Top 3 Recurve Crossbows for Hunting

Glassing on a hill.
Share!Mentally preparing for hunting season is just as important as the physical preparation. Keep these 2 things in mind when getting mentally geared up this fall. Hunting is something lots of hunters think about almost everyday. Even when seasons are far away in the future, some brief vision or plan […]

2 Things to Consider When Mentally Preparing for Hunting Season

Getting a razor sharp broadhead to shave the hair right off your arm is a must for the ethical bowhunter.
Share!Learn how to sharpen a broadhead before the fall hits and you will ensure clean kills when your arrows fly true. As hunters, especially bowhunters, we have an obligation to practice a high degree of ethics in the field. Bowhunting requires a much closer attention to ethical conduct since arrows do […]

How to Sharpen a Broadhead

Screen shot 2016-08-24 at 6.19.27 AM
Share!Could your favorite crossbow pierce an armored helmet? Follow along as one Youtuber puts his crossbow to the test. Let’s be frank; shootin’ stuff is fun. Everyone has a weapon of choice, but in the end we love to pick a target and watch our projectile hit the bull. It […]

Shootin’ Stuff. Can a Crossbow Pierce an Armored Helmet? Watch ...

Complete this archery-pre season checklist to be at your best when hunting season begins.
Share!With archery seasons fast approaching here are 3 archery pre-season tips to get you running on all cylinders. There is nothing quite like the anticipation for hunting season. Not only does a sense of excitement begin to build within us, but nature itself seems to prime us for our fall adventures. Nights […]

Fine Tune Your Game with these 3 Archery Pre-Season Tips

Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow
Share!If you are looking to buy a unique crossbow, or simply like to browse new crossbow technology, take a few minutes to examine this new vertical crossbow. It is amazing what people can design and create. If you ever actually take the time to look around at the incredible array […]

Is this Vertical Crossbow the Dawn of a New Age ...

Screen shot 2016-08-17 at 6.30.50 AM
Share!Follow along with Keith Warren as his antelope crossbow hunt takes an unexpected turn. Out west one of the first seasons to open is antelope season. With the summer sun still burning high in the sky many westerners and visitors will comb the plains searching for the speed demons otherwise […]

With Fall Seasons Fast Approaching, Check Out this Antelope Crossbow ...

Carbon Express Intercept Axon 1 comment
Share!If you looking for a customizable crossbow, give the Carbon Express Intercept Axon a hard look. Every new crossbow seems to have a trait that stands out. For some crossbows it is mind numbing arrow speed. For others it is a bargain price. Sometimes though the strong points of a […]

New Crossbow of 2016: Carbon Express Intercept Axon

A flaming arrow crossbow trickshot and national television. What could possibly go wrong?
Share!Watch as this crossbow trickshot goes wrong live on national television. Back in the good old days before any daredevil type entertainer performed their act there was always the stock phrase; “Kids, don’t try this at home.” Shortly afterwards the performer would perfectly execute the maneuver they had been practicing […]

What Not to Do: Watch a Flaming Crossbow Trickshot Gone ...

Badlands Summit
Share!If you are considering a new hunting pack, Badlands has got you covered in every situation possible. When it comes to hunting equipment there are few things more underrated than a solid hunting pack. Sure you can just throw on any old school backpack and it can probably handle light […]

The New Hunting Pack Lineup From Badlands Will Blow Your ...

The Excalibur Destruction Challenge is the ultimate crossbow test.
Share!Some companies tell you how tough their crossbows are. In the Excalibur Destruction Challenge, they let the crossbow do the talking. Let’s talk hunting. Say you are climbing a treestand to chase whitetails in early November. You’ve let this stand sit for weeks for the opportune time. The weather man […]

The Excalibur Destruction Challenge; Will the Micro 355 Still Fire ...

Fleetwood Spartan Recurve
Share!If you’ve been flirting with traditional archery but haven’t taken the plunge, give the Fleetwood Spartan recurve a hard looking over. The sport of archery has seen an impressive surge in popularity over the past decade or so. As equipment becomes more and more accurate, powerful, affordable, and easy to […]

Get Your Traditional Archery Start with the Fleetwood Spartan Recurve