PSE Xpression
Share!People are praising the PSE Xpression as hands down being the best target bow ever made. When the general public hears about archery, most instantly get an image of hunting in their mind. Truth be told, hunting has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity but it is not the only aspect of […]

Best Target Bow Ever Made: PSE XPression

PSE Bow Madness 34
Share!The PSE Bow Madness 34 is sure to be one of PSE’s top bows in 2016. When one of the most respected archery companies in the business releases their new lineup of bows people take notice. PSE is one of those companies. For over 30 years they have been pushing […]

New Compound Bows of 2016: PSE Bow Madness 34

There are a few common archery injuries that shooters are prone to develop.
Share!Like any sport, a few common archery injuries are an element of the activity to be considered. All sports carry some risk. Sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse, as well as many others, have a high level of risk involved. Fortunate is the person who can participate in these […]

3 Common Archery Injuries and Prevention Tips

Excalibur Matrix 400
Share!If the taxman sends you a check this year, here are the top 4 crossbows to buy with your tax return. Taxes. As the old saying goes, “there are two things everyone must do in life. Die and pay taxes.” There is simply no escaping it. Not only does everyone […]

4 Best Crossbows to Buy With Your Tax Return

Share! Who, you might ask, is Since its inception in 2008 in the City of South El Monte, Ca. has continued to grow its ecommerce platform while also incorporating a bustling retail store and archery range. 2014-2015 marked the year the outgrew its original location and moved […]

Who, you might ask, is

PSE-Archery 1 comment
Share!Had the founding of PSE gone differently, you might buy a precision VCR from them rather than a precision bow. The year was 1970 and Pete Shepley found himself in a solid career as a product engineer for the tech company Magnavox. By the 1970’s Magnavox had established itself as […]

Company Spotlight: PSE Archery

turkey-802234_1280 1 comment
Share!If you plan on hitting the woods to chase some gobblers, remember to take the right turkey hunting gear for the job. Springs is synonymous with turkey hunting in many places across America. Warming weather not only makes it hard to stay indoors, but really revs up gobblers as well. […]

Turkey Hunting Gear; 3 Must Have Items

Share!The PSE RDX 400 is one of the fastest crossbows on the market and is a rock solid all around bow. PSE has earned a reputation as one of the top names in the archery industry. Since 1970 PSE has been churning out top notch products for a wide range […]

New Crossbow of 2016: PSE RDX 400 Crossbow

Share!Dust off the bow this spring with one of these spring archery hunts and throw some spice into your bowhunting life. Fall is well past and winter’s snow is receding in most parts of the country. If the longer days aren’t signal enough, the geese and cranes have returned to herald […]

Knocking the Rust Off: 3 Spring Archery Hunts

runners-635906_1280 1 comment
Share!The offseason is time for improving your skills as a hunter. Mix up these 3 running workouts for hunters to stay in top shape throughout the year. Much about the sport of hunting has changed dramatically in the past decade or so. Gear has changed, huge leaps in crossbows and […]

Offseason Prep: 3 Running Workouts for Hunters

Rinehart targets have always been on the cutting edge. 1 comment
Share!Reinhart targets make some of the most popular archery targets in the industry today. Creativity is a hard trait to draw out of people. Why? Creativity involves taking risks, something most folks are unwilling to do. Lots of people are comfortable resting on proven accomplishments. Creativity also requires looking into […]

Company Spotlight: Rinehart Targets