PSE 20" Aluminum Viper Crossbow Bolts 2216 2 comments
Share!Crossbow Arrows Can Add Up Quickly Given today’s economy it is normal for every hunter to look for the best bang their buck. This is especially true when you are purchasing hunting arrows. Purchasing a dozen carbon arrows can add up extremely fast. This is the reason that you need to make sure that you know […]

3 Best Crossbow Carbon Arrows for the Money

Share!Confidence is key Anyone who has ever participated in the sport of archery knows that one of the main contributors to success is confidence. If you do not have that when you are shooting your compound bow, then there is a high likelihood that you will end up being a […]

5 Steps to Success With Your Archery Bow

Share!One of the items that is often overlooked by hunters is the need to control the scent that is associated with their trail cameras. Anyone out there who has had success with hunting cameras knows that when they placed their trail cams in a certain location. There is no chance […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Checking Hunting Cameras

Share!Are you looking to go crossbow hunting with a recurve crossbow? If you are, then you have most likely checked out the likes of Barnett, TenPoint, and Kodabow. Depending on the your budget, you would might have also looked at Excalibur Crossbows. If you have looked at their line up, […]

Excalibur Micro 335 Recurve Crossbow Review

Share!Compound Bow Practice The greatest compound bow shooters out there were never always that great, but they all had one thing is common. They all made sure to practice. I do not believe that practice makes perfect, but practice can make you exponentially better at whatever it is that you […]

How to Practice with Your Compound Bow for Bowhunting

Share!Choosing the best hunting broadheads for your crossbow is going to vary greatly. There is no one size fits all. The thing that matters is how you will be using the broadheads. What are you trying to kill? The best broadheads for the task at hand will be different if […]

What Crossbow Broadheads Should I Buy

Common preseason bowhunting mishaps
Share! If you have ever been bow hunting, then you know that there are so many issues that can go wrong when you are out in the field. You can do everything right, and your gear could still mess up on you when you need it most. You can control […]

Common Pre-Season Bowhunting Mishaps

Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme Review
Share! The latest edition of Crossbow Revolution features a full review on the fastest crossbow around, the Ventilator Extreme. This bow blows away it’s competition in sheer speed with an average 440 feet per second on each shot. Unlike many competitors, the Ventilator Extreme accomplishes its lightning fast speed without […]

Ventilator Extreme: Fastest Crossbow Available

Ripcord Arrow Rest Vendor Spotlight
Share! Who Shoots with a Ripcord Our Vendor Spotlight for this week is on RipCord Arrow Rests. There are top shooters from all over the world that say the Ripcord arrow rest are the best out there. Will Primos of Primos Hunting Calls switched to a Ripcord almost a decade […]

Vendor Spotlight: RipCord Arrow Rest

Selecting the Right Arrows for your Crossbow
Share! Crossbow popularity is on the rise! More than half of the US states now allow hunters to use crossbows. This is the reason that many have begun using these versatile weapons. When purchasing your first crossbow, you should opt for packages that include everything. This could include, but is not limited to […]

Selecting the Right Arrows for your Crossbow

The Hunger Games and Archery
Share!   Entertainment Industry Influence On Archery Thanks, in part, to the success of the film series, “The Hunger Games,” archery bows is seeing a sharp increase in popularity. Two groups, in particular, are picking up bows and arrows with greater enthusiasm – women and kids. Following the release of […]

Why Archery Has Surged in Popularity

5 factors to consider when buying a rangefinder
Share! Judging the distance of your shot is one of the toughest aspects of bow hunting with your compound bow. You have to understand that this is a critical aspect of shooting. You need to understand it well if you hope to become a good shooter. Once you become adept […]

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Rangefinder