Share!The TenPoint Venom Extra crossbow is one of the top new crossbows of 2016. TenPoint is one of the most respected names in the crossbow world. This year they released their top of the line bow the Tenpoint Venom Extra at the ATA Shot show. If you are the type […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Tenpoint Venom Extra

Share!The new crossbows of 2016 are out and hitting the market in full force, and the Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow is a great value for bargain shoppers. As the new crossbows of 2016 hit the shelves people are looking for all different kinds of bows. Not everyone is interested in […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

BARNETT-780-2T 1 comment
Share!You would have to scour the new crossbows of 2016 to find a faster crossbow than the Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant. Barnett has released their new flagship crossbow of 2016. The Barnett Ghost 415 Ghost Revenant is the top of the line from this popular crossbow company for good reason. This […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant

Excalibur Matrix Sapphire 1 comment
Share!If you are unimpressed with high speed and heavy crossbows, the Excalibur Matrix Sapphire might just be the bow for you. You can learn a lot about a person when you start talking bows and crossbows. Some people are interested in speed, some are interested in power or cool looks, […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Excalibur Matrix Sapphire

BARNETT-78058-2T 1 comment
Share!The Barnett Droptine is one of the new crossbows of 2016 from Barnett. The Barnett Droptine is a new compound crossbow from Barnett to hit the scene in 2016. Like most of the Barnett crossbows, the Droptine is a well crafted crossbow that retails for an affordable price. No matter […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Barnett Droptine

TenPoint Turbo Carbon RDX 1 comment
Share!If you are browsing the top new crossbows of 2016 the TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX should definitely come up on your radar. For those out there who are looking for the top new crossbows of 2016 TenPoint’s first reverse limb design crossbow should catch your eye. Although the company manufactured […]

New Crossbows of 2016: TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX

Excalibur Micro 355 1 comment
Share!Why sacrifice arrow speed for comfort and size? With the Excalibur Micro 355 you can get the best of all worlds. In a competitive hunting economy, manufacturers do the best they can to meet the wide variety of needs of their customers with their new crossbows. Some people want fast […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Excalibur Micro 355

TenPoint Turbo GT
Share!Whether you are looking for speed or comfort, the TenPoint Turbo GT is one in a lineup of new crossbows every serious hunter should take a look at. TenPoint, one of the most trusted and proven names in the archery business, has released their new crossbows of 2016. One crossbow […]

New Crossbows of 2016: TenPoint Turbo GT

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Share!If you feel a yearning for a new experience in 2016, it might be worth your time to take a look at the Barnett BC Raptor Reverse crossbow. It is true you can’t read a book by its cover, but a the cover of Barnett BC Raptor Reverse will definitely get a lot […]

New Crossbows: Barnett BC Raptor Reverse

EXC-4400-2T 2 comments
Share!With the dawning of a new year, comes the unveiling of new crossbow gear. Check out the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400, Excalibur’s top of the line crossbow for 2016. Excalibur has developed a name of quality and dependability in the crossbow world over the years. Never looking to settle, this […]

New Crossbows of 2016: Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400

Spending a little time arrow tuning in the offseason can pay off big when the pressure is on.
Share!The offseason is a great time to tinker with equipment and arrow tuning is one chore that can improve your accuracy in a big way. Say what you want about speed and kinetic energy, in my opinion archery success typically comes down to one thing; accuracy. Due to the nature […]

Arrow Tuning: The Basics

Primos Hunting is a top name in today's hunting market, but it hasn't always been that way.
Share!It would be a hard thing not to appreciate the story of Primos Hunting. America. It is still touted as the land of success. A land where anyone who works hard and does things right can improve their place in society. Throughout the nation there are examples of this process […]

Company Spotlight: Primos Hunting