Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferAn easy guide – Part III Choosing the right arrows is a crucial part of your archery journey. It can make or break your success as a hunter or competitive target shooter, so it makes sense to try to understand all of their different parts and options. Whether you have […]

How to Choose the Right Arrow for a Compound Bow ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferAn easy guide – Part II Just how passionate are you about conquering your archery dreams? If the answer is something along the lines of ‘a whole lot’, then you’re bound to need the right arrows for your bow. And whether it’s a recurve or a compound bow, this is […]

How to Choose the Right Arrow for a Compound Bow ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferAn easy guide – Part I You’ve got the bow, you’ve got the will to conquer this stuff, but you still lack something crucial: the right arrows for a compound bow or recurve bow. It’s easy to underestimate just how important this detail is to your shooting journey— finding the […]

How to Choose the Right Arrow for a Compound Bow ...

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBuffer Archery in movies, TV shows, and other popular media is nothing new. It’s such a dynamic, badass-looking sport that it just begs to be featured in action media everywhere. But compound bows haven’t been around for so long, so what do we know about their appearance in major movies? […]

The 5 Best Compound Bow Moments in Movies

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBuffer If you’re a lover of sleek, sophisticated design, you’ll absolutely rave over the Ravin R26 crossbow and the Ravin R29 Crossbow. These sci-fi crossbow models are futuristic in their looks and incredibly satisfying in their speed and power. Though we often think of streamlined design and firing strength as […]

Groundbreaking Sleekness: The Ravin R26 and Ravin R29 Crossbows

Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferWhen you think of bow hunting, do you see a medieval peasant lugging around a chunky wooden device? Wrong! Nowadays, most huntsmen use (and love) compound bows— the most innovative brainchild of modern archery. But what is the history of compound bows? And how do you make sure you are […]

The History of Compound Bows for Hunting

Samick Sage Bow
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferAfter building hundreds of recurve bows over the years we have discovered a general troubleshooting tip that can save you some time and frustration. Occasionally you will have a bow where the limb bolts have some resistance when seating them in the limb pockets. Rather that forcefully screwing the bolts […]

Tip to Takedown Bow Limbbolts Tighten Problem

Single pin bow sight.
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferIf you have been browsing the market for a bow sight, and have wondered how to use a single pin bow sight, this brief guide may answer a few of your questions. When Holless Wilbur Allen invented the compound bow in the 1960’s, I doubt he realized the revolution he […]

How to Use a Single Pin Bow Sight

Ravin R15
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThe new Ravin R15 crossbow is a crossbow with downright serious performance. In the wild there are many apex predators. By definition an apex predator is a predator at the top of the food chain, upon which no other animals predate upon. These are the baddest of the bad, and […]

Ravin R15 Crossbow; Speed Freak Alert!

SAS Maverick
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferThe SAS Maverick is a low risk option that can have you feeling the allure of traditional archery in no time. Regardless of whether you currently shoot traditional bows or not, traditional archery is in your blood. At one point or another, nearly all of our ancestors used archery tackle […]

SAS Maverick: Your Ticket into the World of Traditional Archery

TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferIt you are looking for a crossbow designed for a serious shooter, the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX is worth a closer look. Many times in life there are trade offs. In order to gain something you must sacrifice something else. For example, when you look at athletes, say football players, […]

New Crossbow: The TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

Ravin R9 Crossbow
Share!FacebookDiggTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditemailPinterestGoogle+TumblrBufferWith this amount of revolutionary features, the Ravin R9 crossbow might be the start of something new. Innovating in any field is very difficult. It requires individuals to look at something familiar, and see it in a way nobody has ever seen it before. When Holless Wilbur Allen invented the compound […]

Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow: Welcome to the Future