Black Friday Sales
Share!It’s that time of year again. Families start to gather; the recipe books come off the shelf and most exciting of all The Big Black Friday Sales. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for HUGE SAVINGS by visiting for some really hot deals. Coupon code: BLACKDEAL2015 We are […] Black Friday Sales!

Share!Choosing crossbow arrows? Make sure to take these tips into consideration. Are you looking to make your next crossbow arrow purchase? Perhaps you’ve just got your first crossbow, or maybe you are looking to experiment with different types of arrows for your crossbow. Whatever your predicament, here are three factors […]

Choosing Crossbow Arrows: 3 Things to Think About

Bear Archery
Share!Bear Archery; A True American Success Companies come and go. It’s a fact of life and business. Most businesses will flash in the pan, and experience short-term success in whatever their field. Few companies withstand the test of time. Companies like Winchester firearms, Remington firearms, and Oneida traps have withstood […]

Company Spotlight: Bear Archery

Prophecy RTS-IF
Share!Can you handle the PSE Prophecy? It’s only once in a while superlatives actually fit the bill. You can’t have the best meal of your life every night. Your hometown football team can’t play the best team in the state every Friday night. You can’t shoot the fastest bow from […]

PSE Prophecy; The Fastest Single Cam on the Market

Share!“What good is an 80 lb. crossbow?” This question may or may not enter your mind when you first learn about the Spider pistol crossbow. It did when I first heard about this relatively unknown product. After learning about it though, I realized this Napoleon sized crossbow would be a […]

Gear Review: Spider Pistol Crossbow

Share!Are you ready for a new crossbow experience? For some the urge to stand out from the pack is almost unstoppable. Trying to blend in with the crowd just doesn’t cut it. If this describes you, or the crossbow you are looking for, then it’s time to take a look […]

Gear Review: SAS Crusher Tactical Crossbow

Version 2
Share!Hunting season is in full swing. Morning frosts blanket the ground and the crisp air of a clear night brings that old familiar sting to the lungs. Swollen necked bucks search relentlessly for hot does while geese and ducks glide over naked tree limbs. Fall brings many traditions and yearly […]

How to Process a Deer: A Crash Course

Share!Are you the type who likes a challenge? Are you looking to shake up your hunting experience? Maybe you simply get lost in the magic of watching an arrow arc through open space. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to pick up a traditional bow, odds are you’re cut from […]

Traditional Bows: Is a Recurve better than a Longbow?

Share! Hunting out west I’ve learned that good optics are essential to any big game hunt. Likewise if you’ve ever sailed one over the back of a deer standing broadside, you realize how important knowing yardage is. Good optics can save you miles of walking, and save you the agony […]

Company Spotlight: Bushnell Optics

Share! Our hunting equipment is worth taking care of. Whether you hunt in order to put food on the table, put trophy antlers on the wall, or for other reasons, you can’t afford to beat up your equipment. This is especially true with our modern precision bow and crossbow technology. […]

Gear Review: Excalibur Octane Crypt Crossbow Case

HUNTERS-Ground Blind
Share!The sun’s yellow light threw long shadows across the landscape in front of me. It was early September and cottonwood leaves rustled and shimmered in the steady breeze. I had settled in for one of my favorite experiences; hunting from the ground. From across the clearing a pair of whitetail […]

Eye Level; Top 3 Reasons to Hunt with a Ground ...

Share!  The last day of October has ticked past and we are entering the most magical month for bowhunters; the rut. With estrus ready to hit the wind and old mossy horns finally lured from his den, hunters are gearing up for a special time of year. In my previous […]

Hunting Strategies During the Rut; 3 Tips for How to ...