Crosman Sniper 370
Share!If you want the performance of a high-end crossbow without the sticker shock give the Crosman Sniper 370 a look. Buying a new bow is fun. You get to look at, compare, and test shoot a variety of different bows while browsing for just the right fit. It’s kind of […]

Crosman Sniper 370 Crossbow; Does it Out Perform Your Current ...

Understanding kinetic energy in archery is important for a variety of reasons. 
Image via Pixabay.
Share!If you’ve ever heard of kinetic energy in archery and wonder what all the fuss is about, here are the top 3 things you need to know. As a high school teacher I often get questions, comments, glances, and subtle expressions asking the eternal question, “When am I ever going […]

3 Things You Should Know About Kinetic Energy in Archery

Styrker Katana 1 comment
Share!If you are searching for a quiet and highly efficient crossbow, the Stryker Katana might be a good fit. Every crossbowman has their own perfect crossbow. For some the perfect bow is a fast shooter with so much power it can almost punch through a brick wall. For others it is […]

High Performance Crossbow: The Stryker Katana

Hunting hogs with a crossbow will not only keep you tuned up but will help solve a problem.
Share!Hunting hogs with a crossbow is not only a hunt you can pull off in the summertime, but also helps curb a problem. Summer months are a slow time of year for the hardcore archer. Most guys are content to shoot a few fish, occasionally hit the range, or just put […]

Deer Management: Hunting Hogs With a Crossbow

Screen shot 2016-07-13 at 8.30.25 AM
Share!If you ever want to film your own hunts, take some advice from accomplished SOLO Hunter Tim Burnett. Story telling has always been a core feature of hunting. You can imagine neolithic hunters sitting around a flickering campfire with illuminated faces. The blackness of the night sky decorated with millions […]

How to Film Your Own Hunts with SOLO Hunter Tim ...

Shoot like a ninja by employing these 3 ways to quiet a bow.
Share!There are a variety of ways to quiet your bow that will make you a more adept hunter. When you start talking archery setups for hunting today the conversation generally seems to hover around two main topics; speed and power. People are looking for faster and faster bows that have more […]

Shoot Like a Ninja; 3 Ways to Quiet Your Bow

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 7.42.32 PM 1 comment
Share!Learning how to do your own bow maintenance will help you better appreciate your equipment. Tying a D-Loop is one easy way to step in that direction. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I figure if you don’t like the way something […]

Tying a D-Loop in Less than 5 Minutes

Screen shot 2016-06-27 at 10.47.50 AM
Share!Crossbow safety should always be on your mind when out at the range, in the backyard, or out in the field. Follow these 5 simple steps to shoot your crossbow safely every time. Using a crossbow, or any archery equipment for that matter, in a manner that keeps you and […]

5 Rules to Follow for Rock Solid Crossbow Safety

SAS Disturbance 1 comment
Share!If you’ve been considering buying a crossbow, but get a case of sticker shock when you see the price tag, give the SAS Disturbance a look. I’ve recently been doing a string of articles focusing on bargain bows. The reason is I still remember buying  my first bow. Money was tight […]

The SAS Disturbance: A Value Crossbow

The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to include archery as a family activity. Just make sure to stay safe.
Share!Archery gear, fireworks, and rednecks. What could go wrong?   The fourth of July is all about celebrating our nation’s history and remembering the huge gamble our forefathers took when creating our democracy. If the attempt at revolution were to prove unsuccessful they would be convicted as traitors and treated as […]

Avoid Any Temptation to Try this Archery Firework Trickshot this ...

SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve
Share!The SAS Explorer takedown recurve will fit the bill for a burgeoning target archer. It seems like when you talk about the sport of archery, bowhunting is always the topic of choice. Maybe that’s just the way it works in my house, but to the average Joe it seems to […]

SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve: Target Bow is a Great Value