Wicked Ridge Warrior G3
Share!If you are looking for a hardworking utility crossbow take a minute to scope out the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3. The objective of the people over at Wicked Ridge is simple. They want to offer hunters what they feel are accurate, simple, and reliable crossbows. Not only that, but they […]

New Crossbow of 2016; Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

Learn how to age a deer.
Share!If you’ve ever wondered how to age a deer, here are 3 things to keep in mind the next time you sit in a tree. For a variety of reasons deer are the most talked about big game hunting target in America, specifically whitetail deer. In many regions around the […]

3 Tips for How To Age a Deer

Share!Be blown away by some true long distance crossbow shots. Long distance shooting is a great challenge in archery. Obviously the further you back away from the target you get, the more challenging the shot becomes. Archery is all about accuracy, so most folks stay within relatively close distances for most […]

Long Distance Crossbow Shots; How Deep Can He Go?

Obsession Defcon 6
Share!If you are the type where only the best will do, the Obsession Defcon 6 is right up your alley. Some archers out there are looking for one thing; the best. The best bow, release, sight, you name it. If it becomes part of their archery gear, it is the […]

So You Want a High Performance Bow? Check Out the ...

Share!Whether you are a crossbow enthusiast, a survivalist, or a history buff, you’ll appreciate seeing the construction of this survival crossbow. As a history teacher, one of my absolute favorite time periods to study is the Stone Age. This immense portion of human history can teach us so much about […]

Watch the Construction of a Survival Crossbow in Minutes

Tactacam bow stabilizer camera.
Share!The Tactacam bow stabilizer is a great addition for someone interested in filming their own hunts. Hunting stories lie at the heart of hunting culture. If you are a hunter, you have told stories of your adventures, misadventures, and everything in between. You’ve no doubt swapped stories, tactics, and hard […]

Tactacam Bow Stabilizer; A Dual Purpose Camera

Improve your accuracy with these 3 compound bow accessories.
Share!If you have been struggling with accuracy lately, here are 3 compound bow accessories that may get you back in the bull. Accuracy is the name of the game in archery. This is obviously true in the competition forum, but equally as true in the hunting realm. You can have […]

Straight Shooter: 3 Compound Bow Accessories to Shoot More Accurate

Matt Stutzman
Share!If you have yet to hear the inspiring story of Matt Stutzman, it is one you can’t miss. At times we feel we have the deck stacked against us. For whatever reason we think we’ve been dealt an unfair hand, and thus fold the cards and commence to complain about […]

Meet Matt Stutzman; The Armless Archer

Parker Eagle Compound
Share!If you want a lot of bow without the hefty price tag, take a look at the Parker Eagle compound bow. Every bow has a main draw. Whether we are looking for speed, weight, a special size, smoothness, or price, certain bows will pop out at us. In most instances once we […]

Parker Eagle Compound: For the Price Conscious Hunter

Barnett Raptor FX2
Share!Check out the affordable Barnett Raptor FX2, a new crossbow from one of the top names in the business. Barnett has earned a reputation as one of the top names in the crossbow business. They have churned out top sellers such as the Ghost 410 and 415, Buck Commander Extreme, […]

Featured Product: Barnett Raptor FX2 Compound Crossbow

Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 7.11.05 AM
Share!If you’ve struggled with steep angle shooting, or will be going on a hunt that requires it, here are 2 things to consider to improve your accuracy. I remember it like it was last night. It was my first time in a tree stand hunting whitetails and I was with […]

Steep Angle Shooting: 2 Things to Consider

Diamond Infinite Edge
Share!Whether you are a woman looking to land a bow, or you are a husband looking to get your wife involved, here are the top 3 compound bows for women. This blog post finds me impatiently waiting for the archery season opener in a neighboring state. I’m not excited about […]

Top 3 Compound Bows for Women