Fun Crossbows For Young Children

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For those parents that want to get there young children thrilled into crossbow hunting the Barnett Bandit Toy crossbow is a great way to teach all young children valuable hand and eye coordination skills. It is a simple plastic made crossbow that shoots of suction cup darts, the Bandit also has front and rear sights that are used to help aid the young children to lock on to their target. This Bandit Toy is manufactured by Barnett it is a fun and safe toy crossbow that will surely excite and prepare all young children in hunting with a crossbow.



There is also the Horton 11 Eagle #29 Youth crossbow that was developed for children that are almost ready for more powerful hunting crossbows. The Horton 11 Eagle comes with a unique color camouflage design, and has a draw weight of 25 lbs. This Eagle crossbow can shoot bolts up to 130 feet per second with precision and accuracy. If you want to prepare you child to start shooting heavier and powerful crossbow the Horton 11 Eagle crossbow will be a great beginners crossbow for them.




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