First Steps to Owning Compound and Recurve Bow

For those who are not yet an expert when it comes to archery, they would think that choosing between a recurve bow and a compound bow is as easy as counting numbers. But in reality, this is never the case. Finding a bow for oneself is not like picking a candy in a candy store. One cannot just say that a certain bow is the right one for him or her since the truth is, there is more to that. With this, the first step to take when it comes to this matter is drawing the weight and length of the bow. This is where one can determine the right length and size of his or her arrows, as well as the bow.

PSE Summit 66" Long Recurve Bow

Draw length is the distance between the throat and the nock point with an additional of one and three-forth inches. This measurement is also the length of the arrow used in a compound bow. In measuring the draw length, the person should stand against the wall while stretching the arms. The draw length is the length of both arms, less fifteen inches divided by two.

Draw weight, on the other hand, is the amount of weight withdrawn by an archer when pulling the bow. The weight depends on the type of bow used and at the same time, it also depends on the strength of the archer. Usually, with a number of regular practices, a new archer can pull around ten pounds since more practice results to additional strength.

Several unwanted results may occur if one disregards the step of measuring the length and weight. Some of the unwanted results are injury and discomfort. Moreover, an archer can also experience a decrease in accuracy and consistency if he or she ignores this step. To avoid the mishaps, it is recommended to consult professionals especially for first timers.

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