FULLY STOCKED! – 3 New Packages, Same Dependable Prophecy Pistol Crossbow

The Prophecy pistol crossbow is back in stock now at thecrossbowstore.com! There was a huge demand for these powerful varmint hunters this past holiday season so we decided to add a few more options for our customers to select. You can still get the regular 80 pound aluminum Prophecy with the iron sights, but we now offer a few other accessories.

Prophecy pistol crossbow w/ fore grip

Now I know that this is not a submachine gun from the 40’s, but there is no denying that the foregrip would serve the same purpose for this pistol crossbow. This forward grip will help you utilize your off hand to get you more accurate shot placement. This addition will also help you to absorb any recoil when the Prophecy is shot and help to keep the crossbow stable.

Prophecy Pistol Crossbow w/ red dot scope

Those of you that are familiar with the Prophecy pistol crossbow know that the base model comes with iron sights. If you are not used to using iron sights, you will need to practice before you start getting the hang of it.  This is because you have to align your vision with the sight axis, and this takes time. Adding a red dot sights makes target acquisition that much easier. You can get both eyes open, allowing you to get a clearer/more well rounded sight picture. Kiss those pesky critters goodbye!

Prophecy Pistol Crossbow РBlack

At the crossbowstore.com have always been a big fan of the wood-look aluminum version of the Prophecy, but we know that not everyone was as enthusiastic as we were. This is why we decided to get the same aluminum model in an all black version. You will get the same dependability that can be found on the brown Prophecy, just in a different color. Stop by and check them out today in our showroom, or place your order online before they run out!


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