With Hunting Season Fast Approaching Make Sure these 4 Essential Hunting Items are in Working Order

Avoid a last minute rush to pick up these essential hunting items for the upcoming seasons.

Image via Pixabay.

Image via Pixabay.

Procrastination seems to be a built in human behavior. For one reason or another, most people put off things until the last possible minute. Whether it is work related, fun related, or family related, things just seem to get pushed to the back-burner. Maybe it’s just me?

One easy thing to procrastinate is inspecting your essential hunting items each year. Sure, hunting seasons may be months away in some cases and it may seem like you have nothing but time. In reality though, there are many items you don’t just want to buy and then head out into the field with untested. Performance difference in new gear can be the edge you need for success in the field, but can also blow your chances if your not familiar with it.

Prior to each hunting season it is important to ensure you have these 4 essential hunting items tested and in top shape long before you go afield.


Shooting your hunting arrows well before the season starts is an important chore.

Shooting your hunting arrows well before the season starts is an important chore.

One of the most important items to buy early is arrows. Even if you are going to be shooting the same exact arrow as in years past don’t wait until the last minute to purchase them. Every arrow may perform different and takes some getting used to. One good exercise when it comes to arrows is to write different numbers on the vanes. As you practice with your hunting arrows you may begin to notice a certain arrow sticking in the bullseye, or a wild flyer as well. Using your best arrow not only gives you an accuracy edge, but a mental edge as well. If you buy your arrows early it will give you time to sort the wheat from the chaff.


Like arrows, broadheads are obviously one of your essential hunting items. Also like arrows you don’t want to head to the field with untested broadheads. In most cases your broadheads will fly differently than your field points. Determining how your broadheads travel is important to do several weeks in advance of your hunt. Again, you can’t afford to step out the night before you embark on a hunt and find your broadheads are scattering like cockroaches when the light kicks on.

Another detail of your broadheads you’ll want to check early is the sharpness of the blades. Personally, I buy fixed blade broadheads I can easily sharpen at home. It’s just something I enjoy doing and I have had good results with it. That being said, now is the time I start sharpening my broadheads for the upcoming seasons. If you shoot mechanical blades or your broadhead has a bleeder vane, you’ll need to make sure they are sharp or purchase your new ones ASAP.

Stand Maintenance

Tree stand inspection is an important chore before the hunting season begins.

Tree stand inspection is an important chore before the hunting season begins.

If you hunt from a tree stand now is a good time of year to check your rig over for wear and tear. Tree stands obviously need a careful inspection each year to ensure they are fit for use. With luck your stand will be in good working order. If not, you may need new straps, climbing system, hoist system, or maybe an entire new outfit. Either way, after a winter in storage, take a look at your tree stand now to avoid a hassle when you go to hang them.

Range Finder

The last of the essential hunting items that should be checked this time of year is your range finder. It is good practice to change the batteries at least once a year, even if they are not showing signs of depletion. Even if the device has been shut off you can lose battery power over time. What you really can’t afford, is to find out your battery is dead when you go to range your first deer this year. It also doesn’t hurt to take it out on a familiar range and double check it is reading correctly. As with any technology it can glitch and become unreliable.

Archery is a sport where much of your success lies in chance. The chance the deer comes by your stand, the chance the wind swirls, the chance a twig is between you and your target. With so much left up to chance, don’t let things you actually can control go unchecked. Inspecting these 4 essential hunting items well before the season gets underway is a great way to shift the odds more in your favor.

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