Tip to Takedown Bow Limbbolts Tighten Problem

After building hundreds of recurve bows over the years we have discovered a general troubleshooting tip that can save you some time and frustration. Occasionally you will have a bow where the limb bolts have some resistance when seating them in the limb pockets. Rather that forcefully screwing the bolts into the threads simply back them out and restart the threading by turning the limbbolts counterclockwise. Listen for the click as it seats properly with the pocket threads. Now you can go ahead and fully tighten the bolts down. We hope this tip can work for you in the future.

If you have problem tighten the limbbolts for takedown bows, such as Samick Sage Bow, this should work for you.

Samick Sage Bow

You could find takedown bows here,  or Samick Sage Bow here:

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