SAS Rage Compound Bow
Share!The SAS Rage compound bow is another intriguing bow in the SAS lineup. When you look at different industries, you can see companies trying to fill a specific niche. Take a look at hunting boots for example. Some companies aim to produce the most high-end product they can. The result […]

The SAS Rage Compound Bow is One of the Most ...

Share!Blazer vanes are some of the most popular, accurate, and durable vanes on the market. How much attention do you pay to your gear? Are you one of those gear nuts that scrutinizes every allen bolt, or do you let things ride and just shot whatever comes stock on your […]

Blazer Vanes; Watch This Slow Motion Video to See Them ...

SAS Destroyer Compound Bow
Share!The SAS Destroyer has the performance previously reserved for the most expensive bows on the market. Understanding trade-offs is one of the basic economic principles everyone should be aware of. A trade-off is basically the recognition that different items generally have their own set of pro’s and con’s. When you […]

SAS Destroyer: Fast, Affordable, and All Decked Out. What More ...

SAS Spirit Recurve
Share!Choosing a traditional bow is a personal decision, and you should answer these 4 questions before dropping the string. Remembering your first is always easy. Your first car, first teacher, first date, first deer, or first whatever. They just have a way of sticking in your memory. It’s the same […]

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Traditional Bow

Small Crossbow
Share!Some of these small crossbows might offer some enjoyable shooting. Bigger is better right? That’s what we’re told at least. Bigger bows, faster speeds, harder hitting archery equipment all seems to be the talk of the town. Sure that kind of power is great for the hunting world, but sometimes […]

Small but Mighty; 4 Small Crossbows

Archery stocking stuffers
Share!Here are 4 archery stocking stuffers to think about this holiday season for that tireless archer on your list. The holiday season is a bit crazy. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all packed into about 35 days; what were they thinking? Even with a mellow approach to the festivities it […]

4 Archery Stocking Stuffers for the Avid Hunter

PSE Fang crossbow
Share!If you are looking for a hard working crossbow that can get the job done the PSE Fang crossbow might be worth a look. PSE has always endeavored to provide quality archery gear to the public since the 1970’s. Their founder Pete Shipley has grown the company from its humble beginnings […]

PSE Fang Crossbow: Plenty of Bang for Your Buck

Barnett crossbow recall
Share!There as recently been a Barnett crossbow recall on a few popular models. On December 8, 2016 PRNewswire released that news of a Barnett crossbow recall. A quick jump to the Barnet website confirmed the recall notice on six different Barnett models of crossbows. The recall is in effect after […]

Barnett Crossbow Recall 2016

Cooking venison southern style
Share!If you’re lucky enough to have some meat in the freezer this fall, you might try cooking venison southern style after giving this video a watch. We all hunt for different reasons. Some hunt for fun, others hunt for trophy animals, and still others hunt to carry on family traditions. […]

Cooking Venison Southern Style: Backstrap 2 Ways

Like shootin stuff. You've found the right place.
Share!Shootin stuff is just about as American as apple pie, or as some folks would say, Merican. Do you like shootin’ stuff with bows, arrows, guns, slingshots, spitwads, atlatls, or pretend with your finger? If you do you’ve found the right place. Shootin’ stuff seems to be hardwired into some […]

Shootin Stuff Vol. 2: Car Doors and Body Armor. Can ...

SAS Primal compound bow
Share!If you’re looking for that first bow, but can’t break the bank, the SAS Primal compound bow might be a good fit. Looking back on the history of archery, it can be almost difficult to see the connection with the sport’s primitive beginnings. What started out as a tool a […]

Product Review: SAS Primal Compound Bow – A Bargain Hunter’s ...

PSE Decree
Share!The PSE Decree is the next step in PSE’s long history of high performance compound bows. Since the 1970’s, the folks at PSE archery have been pushing the limits to find what works in a bow. Their founder, Pete Shepley, started with a dream of simply improving the bows he […]

Product Review: PSE Decree Compound Bow