Carbon Express Blade
Share!Does the Carbon Express crossbow recall pertain to you? Late in 2016, a Carbon Express crossbow recall was issued. The recall is aimed at two of the Carbon Express Blade models that can unexpectedly fire. This recall will impact about 3,800 units around the country. Carbon Express was made aware […]

Carbon Express Crossbow Recall

Crank cocking device
Share!If you’re looking to improve your crossbow accuracy, one place you might start is with a new cocking device. Whenever you make gear decisions the most important question to ask is, “Will this improve my accuracy?” You can have all the speed, power, and flash you want, but if you […]

Can a New Cocking Device Help Improve Your Crossbow Accuracy?

Screen shot 2017-01-13 at 6.55.38 AM
Share!5 days online. Over 1 million views. I’d say the fully automatic crossbow is a hit on Youtube. The Internet has done some crazy things over the past few decades. It has opened up a new world of knowledge, and connected people like never before. It has also allowed us […]

You’ve Got to Check Out This Full Auto Crossbow

Recurve bow
Share!What’s hot on These top selling bows have risen above the rest as the people’s choice. Kicking around with other archers is one of my favorite things to do. Talking bows, talking hunting, and talking shooting is something I simply enjoy. You can learn a lot from the experiences […]

Check Out These Top Selling Bows on

Traditional Recurve Youth Bow
Share!If you have a kid, or know a kid, interested in archery, these 3 traditional youth bows are worth a look. Movies are stories and we all have our own favorite stories. Since I was a kid my favorite movies have always been set in historical places. Movies like Braveheart, […]

These 3 Traditional Youth Bows are Worth a Look

Excalibur Matrix 330
Share!If you like a recurve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix 330 package might be enticing. Over the years Excalibur has risen above the competition to become known as one of the top crossbow manufacturers out there. Perhaps it’s because of the great performance they get from their bows. Maybe it’s because […]

The Excalibur Matrix 330 Package Hits the Ground Running

Long crossbow shots
Share!Taking a long crossbow shot can really put your skills to the test. There is an energized fad going around the archery world right now about shooting long distances. My guess is it started with the ultra-popular Cameron Hanes demonstrating his shooting abilities at +100 yards. The truth is people […]

Long Crossbow Shot: How Would You Fare at This Distance?

Hunting resolutions.
Share!If you are into making New Year’s resolutions, here a few hunting resolutions at least one author hopes to keep. It’s been said that nothing dies faster than a New Year’s resolution. Oftentimes, we seem to make big plans for ourselves in the upcoming year. We decide that 2017 will […]

4 Achievable Hunting Resolutions in 2017

SAS Rage Compound Bow
Share!The SAS Rage compound bow is another intriguing bow in the SAS lineup. When you look at different industries, you can see companies trying to fill a specific niche. Take a look at hunting boots for example. Some companies aim to produce the most high-end product they can. The result […]

The SAS Rage Compound Bow is One of the Most ...

Share!Blazer vanes are some of the most popular, accurate, and durable vanes on the market. How much attention do you pay to your gear? Are you one of those gear nuts that scrutinizes every allen bolt, or do you let things ride and just shot whatever comes stock on your […]

Blazer Vanes; Watch This Slow Motion Video to See Them ...

SAS Destroyer Compound Bow
Share!The SAS Destroyer has the performance previously reserved for the most expensive bows on the market. Understanding trade-offs is one of the basic economic principles everyone should be aware of. A trade-off is basically the recognition that different items generally have their own set of pro’s and con’s. When you […]

SAS Destroyer: Fast, Affordable, and All Decked Out. What More ...

SAS Spirit Recurve
Share!Choosing a traditional bow is a personal decision, and you should answer these 4 questions before dropping the string. Remembering your first is always easy. Your first car, first teacher, first date, first deer, or first whatever. They just have a way of sticking in your memory. It’s the same […]

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Traditional Bow